Block finality 1% in tomochain network

I’m asking why some block in tomochain don’t have 100% finality, for example 1050001,1050002,…1050014 all just have 1% finality.
It s security problem ?


Are you running a private network?

No i’m not running network, i see this on tomochain scan.

It is not an issue. If child block reaches the finality, it means the parent block is finality.

Look at this range 1300000 to 1300020 child block don’t reash finality

If 1300021 is finality, all 1300000 to 1300020 is finality

1300021 finality is 1%

Do you see any block (>1300021) reaches the finality?

Yes: 1300035 99% finality, in your documentation you say that block must have 75% to reach finality

any answer about the 75% block finality?

You just need to check the latest finality block number, then all parent block is finality.