Easy to use interface

It would be great to have an easy to use interface that allows to personalize a newly created token. Being able to add the logo of the token and being to change/add all info (website Links etc) all in one place Without the need to be a dev or doing it via GitHub :pray:

You do not need to be a developer, you just need to go to Github and create an issue https://github.com/tomochain/tokens/issues/new/choose

Why should it be an issue ?
I know we have to do that right now, but it would be nicer to have it integrated in Tomo issuer

The meta info of the token will be used by TomoScan, TomoWallet, TomoDEX, …
Github will be good to store the data that used by many products. Github also provide β€œreview” feature that the team can review the information before publishing it. It helps the team to save the time.

If we implement it in TomoIssuer, we also need to build a CMS that team can review the information before publishing it.

Though I understand the necessity to do like this right now, but this process brings the question of centralization and censorship to my mind.

Is there a possibility to make this review process decentralized in the future? Even if the review process is on GitHub, is it something that could be done for example by the Masternode Council in the future?

Just review for display, do not need to over discussion.

Something like this would be amazing imo