How to build TRC721 with TOMOCHAIN?

Do TomoChain support new non-fungible token or NFT standard, called TRC-721?
If yes, how to create it?

Hi Viet,

On TomoChain, you can create a unique ERC721-equivalent token (or now called as TRC721 token) by yourself. You can learn more about how to deploy here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


very helpful and fast supporting
thanks and regards

I do folow the guide How to deploy an NFT token - TomoChain Docs

But how to get const infuraKey =…where to get infuraKey?


No need infura. Replace infura url to (for testnet) or (for mainnet)

When i run Ganache in other console and type truffle test (in other console) it not show anything like follow guide link