Infinity Arena to go live with IDO on LuaStarter

Infinity Arena is Launching on LuaStarter

We are excited to announce that Infinity Arena will be the next project to launch its IDO on LuaStarter with the Exclusive Pool presented for the first time!

The Exclusive Pool usually comes with a lower price and longer vesting schedule, which is suitable for long term investors of the listed IDO project. All the Galaxy Plus tier members will be secured with an allocation, while other tier members can still participate on a FCFS (first-come, first-serviced) basis with no allocation guaranteed.

About Infinity Arena

Infinity Arenais a blockchain-based metaverse, and play-to-earn card game. It’s a place where players can be smart investors staking NFT rarity items such as Lands and Tools to mine resources. The battle game is also designed for tactical gamers who love to use their intelligence to win the fights using the cards they own.

This universe comprises 4 systems including Elementary, Mining, Battle, and Arena. To protect this universe, players have to join the battle where Heroes and their Guardians will defeat the Dark Side clan. By grinding through physical activities in the game, players will be rewarded in in-game tokens.

Find out more about Infinity Arena: ​​

IDO Information:

Token Symbol: INAZ

Token Type: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)

IDO Supply: 16,333,333

  • Tier Pool: 8,333,333
  • Exclusive Pool: 8,000,000

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Accepted cryptocurrency: BUSD

Tier Member Pool

Allocation: 8,333,333 INAZ
Price: 1 INAZ = 0.018 BUSD

Important Dates

  • $LUA* Staking deadline: March 8, 2022 | 9AM UTC
  • IDO opens: March 11, 2022, | 9AM UTC
  • IDO closes: March 12, 2022 | 9AM UTC
  • Token Claim (TGE): March 14, 2022 | 9AM UTC


  • TGE: 25%
  • Remaining: vesting monthly for 3 months

Exclusive Pool:

Allocation: 8,000,000 INAZ

Price: 1 INAZ = 0.015 BUSD

Important Dates

  • $LUA* Staking deadline : March 6, 2022 | 9AM UTC
  • IDO opens: March 9, 2022 | 9AM UTC
  • IDO closes: March 10, 2022 | 9AM UTC
  • Token Claim (TGE): March 14, 2022 | 9AM UTC


  • TGE: 16.6%
  • Remaining: vesting monthly for 5 months

Note: LUA staking for the IDO pools means staking LUA in LuaSafe or adding liquidity in LUA-TOMO(E), and LUA-PIXEL pool on TomoChain or Ethereum to be qualified for a tier, and secure an allocation.

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