LIP2 - Specifications of LuaSwap production

Luaswap, is fork of uniswap and Uniswap has much liquidity and you want luaswap to compete with uniswap by having higher fees than uniswap. Where is the logic in that? Is Luaswap competing with uniswap or MetaMask wallet?
Luaswap growth metric target is TVL, therefore you’re competing with Uniswap, logic dictates that you reduce the swap fees to below or equal 0.3% or provide other competitive advantage not offered by uniswap.
Why would you using pricing based on metamask wallet pricing instead of uniswap, you need to meet the tvl targets.
I suggest 0.3% swap fee or lower initially.

Luaswap needs to boostrap growth and the key metric is tvl, high fees vs uniswap constraint Luaswap growth. No, no high fees!