Budget Proposal for LuaSwap's Development & Operation

Dear LuaSwap Community,

It has been over 2 months since the initial launch of the LuaSwap project.

During this short yet intensive phase, we have achieved some great results:

  • Launched LuaSwap Staking and successfully conducted liquidity migration from Uniswap to LuaSwap exchange.

  • Launched LuaSwap V1.0 core products:

    • LuaSwap exchange: An AMM-based decentralized exchange where users can swap tokens and add/remove liquidity.
    • LuaSwap information: Analytics, API, and Information for LuaSwap’s liquidity protocol.
    • LuaSafe: Stake LUA and earn passive income.
    • LuaSwap proposal: A community governance platform where users can use LUA to vote on governance issues.
  • Built and supported an enthusiastic community with over Twitter 3,500 followers and nearly 3,000 Telegram members (in top 10 AMM by communities)

  • Liquidity Pools supported by Frontier, Mantra DAO, RAMP DEFI, Serum, FTX, KardiaChain, and others.

  • Listed LUA token on a number of exchanges (FTX, Coinone, Serum (on default markets), Uniswap, TomoDEX, 1inch Exchange, Coinpark, TokenizerDEX)

  • Wrapped LUA token for use on TomoChain and Solana blockchains

  • Updated the cross-chain portal TomoBridge to swap back and forth between LUA on Ethereum (ERC20) and wrapped LUA on TomoChain/Solana

  • Listed LUA token on the popular token list of Solet Wallet.

  • Listed LUA token on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio, TrustWallet, Coin98 Wallet, VNDC Wallet

  • Listed LuaSwap exchange on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

  • Listed LuaSwap on Dapp.com and Dapp.Review

  • Integrated LuaSwap into 1inch Exchange’s DEX aggregator - Pathfinder

  • Created detailed documentation for LuaSwap

  • UpdPreformatted textated LuaSwap UI frequently based on new features and community feedback throughout the 8 weeks of hyperinflation period.

  • Actively worked with ecosystem partners, media, and KoLs to promote LuaSwap.

  • Audited LuaSwap smart contracts through the Arcadia Group

LuaSwap Achievements

Looking ahead below is our rough plan for the next 2 years.

  • Strategic development goal/roadmap

    • LuaSwap pool analytics: Real-time data on pool liquidity, total trading volume, fees collected during transactions, trading statistics, and more, giving users an easy way to track metrics on different pools and make trading actions wisely with a pool visualized overview.
    • Liquidity migration from other AMMs: Directly migrate liquidity from other AMMs to LuaSwap through a Migration Portal on LuaSwap.
    • Cross portal swap to connect liquidity: Aggregate liquidity from a variety of sources while getting the best conversion rates on a single interface for all actions.
    • Multi-chain swap on TomoChain: LuaSwap implementation on TomoChain allows users to swap between TOMO and other TRC-based tokens. Users can go directly to LuaSwap and choose whether they want to swap tokens on TomoChain or Ethereum networks.
    • Mobile application for LuaSwap (Android & iOS): LuaSwap’s mobile application enables serious traders to trade their cryptocurrencies on the go. Simply launch the mobile app and follow the same steps as you would on a desktop browser.
    • Future swap: LuaSwap plans to develop a system to facilitate decentralized margin trading of tokens where settlement automatically takes place on-chain, eliminating the need for a third party
  • Marketing, BD, and listing

    • Paid and earned listing, market-making
    • Community activities
    • Co-marketing plans with partners/exchanges
    • Media and influencer reach out
    • More security audits
  • Daily Operation

    • Server maintenance, contract deployments, paid tools
    • Community management, user support.

As we embark on an updated strategic plan, we look forward to expanding into new areas of opportunity for LuaSwap. We hope to continue seeking out the tools, resources, people, and innovative ideas we need to help our users and build our community.

LuaSwap was introduced through a fair launch with no seed investment, founder’s fee, or pre-mining of tokens. The core team did not raise any funds and was not allocated any tokens. All work has been done voluntarily by the core team, and any spending on development and maintenance of the LuaSwap operation has been expensed from TomoChain’s own fund.

Based on the rapid series of milestones achieved in such a short period of time, we believe LuaSwap’s future is bright. To execute our future plans, maintain an aggressive development schedule, and align incentives with the community, we are proposing community approval for a development budget of 20 million LUA to cover 23 months of continued support through October 2022.

The breakdown of fund usage will be as follows:

  • 5 million LUA for marketing, BD, and listing activities (equivalent to ~ 135K$ at the time of posting)
  • 15 million LUA for technology development, including farming rewards for Liquidity Providers when LuaSwap is deployed on TomoChain blockchain.

Of the requested 20 Million LUA,

  • 4.5 million will be made available immediately upon approval to kick start the development process and allow for coding the farming rewards for Liquidity Providers on TomoChain blockchain.
  • The remaining will be vested and made available on a quarterly basis, starting in 2021, at the end of each quarter. The amount sent in each quarter is equal to the current unlocked balance of the development fund.

We look forward to your favorable consideration of our proposal.

Sincerely yours,
LuaSwap core team.


Reading the above roadmap it seems LUA in some ways is competing with both Tomo blockchain and tomodex.

As example “future swap” takes elements of a blockchain and adds transaction components like a dex—

Would it be better use of funds to integrate these functions on tomodex so Lua is a component within a plan rather than a standalone product?

Should LUA have its own app, it would again seem to be competing with Tomo wallet and also Tomo dex.

Would the team be open to pivoting plans some and integrating more with Tomo rather than Lua being a separate product?


TomoChain is an alternative to Ethereum while LuaSwap is competing with Uniswap. TomoChain is a decentralized permission-less public blockchain while LuaSwap is a liquidity protocol. They function differently and are two independent protocols which require their own tokens for coordination mechanism.

That’s a simple explanation I can provide. Obviously LuaSwap belongs to TomoChain’s ecosystem and will integrate with other ecosystem products like TomoWallet, TomoDex etc.


Please specify which LUA stakes (wallet, LuaSafe, LP, locked rewards) are eligible to vote.


I appreciate your feedback. I guess what I’m saying is from a user perspective it would be nice if Lua swap had more integration with tomodex. Reading the Lua roadmap, it comes across that Lua is competing with parts of Tomo.

Also, would it be possible to provide some feedback about long term value of Lua coin? It’s not clear how it would benefit a hodlr of Lua coin long term.

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LuaSafe Currently has 21,584,456.93 LUA Staked

A user’s voting power is based on the snapshot of unlocked LUA balance in his/her account at the block number written in the proposal (Not at the time when the proposal is made).

The budget proposal has been officially submitted

Vote with xLUA
Vote with LUA

Pls, cast your vote by Feb 1, 2021.

We look forward to your positive response.