LuaSwap 2021 Year in Review

2021 has been quite a year for LuaSwap with a range of new products and community campaigns, all of which have allowed us to build a strong foundation for the future. Let’s take a look back at some of the major milestones at LuaSwap in the past year.

LuaSwap launched on TomoChain

  • LuaSwap continues to be a major infrastructure piece within the TomoChain ecosystem. Its deployment on top of the TomoChain network allows for near-zero gas fee, and almost-instant confirmation. Users can now trade, stake and farm tokens leveraging the amazing features of the TomoChain network.


LuaSafe official launch on the TomoChain network

  • LuaSafe is a new mechanism for earning passive income, where users stake $LUA, and receive rewards from trading fees proportional to your asset ratio in the safe. By November 2021, total locked assets in LuaSafe already reached 50 million $LUA, which is an impressive number given our short product run.

Limit order rolled out

Dual farming went live

  • As more projects are utilizing LuaSwap, dual farming was released with the hope to attract investors with higher incentives, and provide sustainable liquidity for all projects participating. The two dual farming pools of the year, $LUA-$PIXEL and $tDAO-$TOMO, are still active and have seen dramatic liquidity growth, and huge APY incentives for investors, sitting at 1227.58% and 647.25% respectively at the time of this writing.

By year end, LuaSwap has surpassed expectations with some impressive numbers. The highlight can be seen below:

  • All Time High Total Liquidity: $12,000,000 USD

  • All Time High $LUA Daily Volume on All Exchanges: >$20,000,000 USD

The numbers are expected to be going up by next year with more projects joining our ecosystem.

LuaStarter & IDO projects

LuaStarter is a multi-chain IDO launchpad built within LuaSwap, allowing projects to raise initial funding from communities. The platform has welcomed 6 projects to the community since launch over the past 2 months, spanning multiple areas within the crypto space. Some statistics could be seen below:

Total funding raised: 600,000 USD

Average sold out time: <2min

Average subscription rate: >400%

As our community and partnership network continue to expand, we are confident in the quantity and quality of our IDOs by next year. Get ready to start off with a bang!

Community events

Crypto projects are nothing without a strong backing from the community. We’re truly grateful for the support that has been given us thus far. In return, we have been working hard behind the scenes, with more projects, updates and events coming on the way. A series of community highlights can be seen below:

  • Trading competitions — A very popular activity amongst our traders, and brings fun and exhilarating vibes to our community. The First Trading Competition on LuaSwap drew nearly 2 million USD volume with 1,200 participants. Later we continued to roll out some more successful trading campaigns including Trading with Limit Order function, and LuaSwap and TomoBridge’s Wrap n Trade.
  • LuaSwap turns one year old— The first birthday is always an exciting one. We are glad to celebrate that with our LuaSwap community through a series of events: LUA Farming Frenzy, Meme Rumble Showdown, and Sweet Birthday Wishes. Year 2 is looking a lot more fun already, and we are going to have more excitement engaging with y’all.
  • Airdrops and Gleam campaigns — Everybody loves free money. LuaStarter has collaborated with the IDO projects to initiate several airdrops and whitelist slot giveaways for our users. Over 23,000 people have joined us on these events, most notably with the $HWL airdrop, and $WIDI whitelist event.

On an unrelated note, LuaSwap stickers are also a new feature to our telegram, allowing our community to fully express themselves as part of the LuaSwap community. Download your stickers now!

Our Telegram channel has grown to 20k members, while over 37k people have followed us on Twitter. This means the whole world to us and indeed a big milestone to celebrate with the entire community on our back.

We look back at 2021 as one of the most foundational years for LuaSwap, with a lot of achievements and lessons along the way. A big thank you to the community for hopping on this journey with us, and we are ready to comeback for more in 2022. See you then!

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Merci pour ce retour très positif.

J’espère découvrir encore pleins de nouveautés pour 2022 !

J’espère que d’avantage de gens viendront profiter de LuaSwap !

Bonne année à tous :slight_smile: