Price Chat Should be Allowed In Main Telegram Chat

Proposal: Change rules of LuaSwap telegram to be more welcoming to price discussions

In crypto everyone wants to discuss price and it’s one of the main things that hook people to join a community and when people go to the main telegram chat they are told they are not allowed to discuss price.

This is extremely off-putting to people who join the group and the fact that the main telegram has 10x more users than the price chat despite the fact that price discussions are among the most common posts in the main group shows that people are choosing to not participate in the community rather than be funneled into a side group.

People want to discuss price in crypto and the price of the token is inextricably linked to the usability of the platform. Also, you can’t say price is not influenced by devs because the design of the platform, tokenomics, etc. will all strongly influence price.

This will particularly be true once LuaSwap launches since users will likely be traders and are likely to be turned off by a main chat which is so hostile to price discussions. Perhaps more APY farmers would have engaged and joined the community (and learned of potential in the project) had they not been turned off by the initial attempt to discuss price in the main chat. This might have mitigated the selloff that occurred recently as well as most who entered chat during the volatility to discuss price did not go to the price chat when asked to but left the community instead (and potentially sold their Lua and exited the ecosystem).

Please vote yes on this proposal in order to make the social media of LuaSwap more welcoming to the majority of the crypto space and improve engagement. If LuaSwap seeks to attract users in the crypto community it should adopt the culture of its target demographic.

Additional info: If we get to 850,000 yes votes I will unstake my 150,000 LUA in order to push us over the 1 million mark

If this is your snapshot vote, we will need to wait until the end of December to have the voting result. It is probably too long. A vote should be limited in a week time.

A new snapshot has been created which has a more reasonable end time:

Please vote yes here in order to have this policy be implemented.

Thank you.