Problems of scan.tomochain

We have many projects on tomochain, examples

  1. Token 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd Info (
    We have lost holders many months ago, and support devs said that they need crawl again, and when crawl again, we have more than 18K holders, but only after 1 night, we have only more than 17K holders. I am sure that, holders do not move to other or delete wallet, cause our token base on TRC21, in airdrop, and do not listed on any exchanges. I think crawler of your scan still have problems.

  2. When we enter keyword on search of scan:

  • There are no any suggestions, please do like etherscan, they suggestions for user, this is better UX
    suggestions is very easy to dev, no need time to do that, but make users feel better.
  • If search do not found, please show the NOT FOUND in new result page, yours tomoscan say nothing, users do not know what happens?
    see that link: Etherscan Search

Please clone UX and UI of Etherscan or TronScan.

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I agree 100%. TomoScan need improvements.

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Tomoscan problem ! Yes uix ethscan ,solonascan, bscscan @LongVuong @thanhson1085

Hi guys,

Thank you for your feedback. Our team is aware of some issues coming from TomoScan. We are working on a new version of TomoScan and plan to roll it out in the next 2-3 months (est. time).

For instant support, if you have any issues, please address them in detail and we will fix them asap. @khaihkd will help on the technical front.

Thank you!


Please set priorities for issues.
First, let fix the easiest first: Auto suggestion, Not Found page, you can fix it in 2,3 days working. No need 2-3 months.
Maybe Crawler is need more time. But do the simple first.