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Dear Admin

Vindax Exchange give me link for Verify and Publish your Solidity Source Code at here

I fill the form with solidity source code but can not verify, contract name invalid
0x5080781e91237b6d7f026d5306b7233e26cd6c16 is my token
but i change contract name to MLR or Mega Lottery or Mega Lottery(MLR) it still same errors
How to do this?
this link show my error, i have captured

wrong contract standard. need to start with pragma solidity

yes, of course i know that, i copy full source code with pragma solidity but can not, that image is after i remove it and change other way but can not.
when have prgama solidity it still have error

  1. you need to combine all solidity file into only 1 file
  2. make sure to choose the correct solidity version when did you deploy
  1. Yes, when i create token by Tomo Issuer, i save as smartcontract generate by Tomo in to word file with full source code

  2. And in that source code have version of solidity in comment

I copy all the source code and choose the right version but still can not

I change many ways but still the same error

  1. Change contract name
  2. Change version
  3. Change gas type
  4. Change source code
    mlr2.png - Google Drive

We need verify soon for listing to Vindax exchanges so need support as soon as possible

when you issue this token, which version did you use? Reissuable or Non-reissueable

reissuable is not fixed Total Supply? i do not understand what you mean? total supply is fixed and can not create more

i only save source code of smartcontract

Vào Th 6, 26 thg 3, 2021 lúc 09:39 Minh Khai Do via TomoChain <> đã viết:

If you created the token via tomoissuer, then the contract name is MyTRC21Mintable for Reissuable and MyTRC21 for Non-reissueable

Edit: If this is your token, then the contract name is MyTRC21, compiler version should be 0.4.24, optimization: yes

good supporting
i have done with your help

i want ask more question, for an other token, not this, i forgot save as my source code solidity, how to get it?

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Go to the token detail page example(might have to log in). Look for the view token info option

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Thank so much for your support

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