The Farming Set [Week 1]

Please discuss which pools should join the community voting round of Week 1.

The voting round will choose 3 out of 9 pools in the next Farming Set.

Please read this Announcement for more details

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We need to remove the usdt/usdc stable pair. Its not performing in terms of volume. Keeping it there just for the tvl makes no sense, especially since there will be 9 pools instead of 15, and lua/usdc is dropping to 3x, meaning more rewards will be given to stable pools, which means more sell pressure.
We shud at least add other safe pairs that have a chance of doing well, usdt/usdc has proven that it does not perform. APY is determined by volume, not tvl. And APY is what everyone looks at first and foremost.

Sorry, I disagree. TVL is very important for any AMM otherwise the prices slips will be high and it will not bring trade volume. It is important to bring big pairs, maybe not usdt/usdc but any stable coins with big trade volume out there.

I will vote the following 3 pairs:
LUA-ETH - access to LUA will primarily be done imo via ETH, TOMO or USD.
LUA-UNI as a AMM-AMM pair - UNI also is a very high volume coin with a lot of interest. AMM coins should have some correlation.
LUA-SRM over LUA-FTX as there is a more volatility and therefore higher fees generated. Keeps Alameda interested. Also makes sense thinking forward to Solana integration in the future for cross chain dex.

No they can be entirely new pairs. I think there were several good suggestions with high volume low liquidity. I think k3pr was one

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LUA-UNI as a AMM-AMM pair
UNI also has a very high volume and very popular.

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I vote for SMARTCREDIT, HEGIC and KP3R as lua pairs. We want to add new coins with low liquidity and high volume, not coins that hav been around for ages and we know are only gonna bring us less than 10k in volume. I hav no idea y ppl r suggesting coins like SRM as if u dont want this exchange to grow. The exchange volume for srm is a joke, there r much better pairs


I also want to recommend DOKI, although with such low liquidity it seems like maybe no one wants to hold it for any length of time

Can we try listing the newest tokens like yfi mobi and lattice tokens? These coins will literally 20x our fees at very low liquity because they are brand new tokens

I would suggest we look at the new crop of index tokens: DPI, Defi++.

These seem to be growth areas to me. For instance, look at DPI/ETH 24hr volume on Uniswap:

There exists strong market demand for such products since they abstract away so much of the pain of holding and moving between assets that I see demand would only rocket up.

@LongVuong what do you think of the index token route?

I suggest LUA - OM

Vote for:
TOMOE - ETH ( believe it’s in top 4 performance pools)
TOMOE - USDT ( believe it’s in top 4 performance pools)


I recommend 3 new pools including:

  • KP3R-ETH
    These tokens have strong tech-based with a solid community
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Maybe these pools should be taken into consideration: