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  1. Community-governed, multichain protocol supporting smaller pools of emerging tokens. No seed investment, founder’s fees, or pre-mine.

  2. 0.3% of trading fees are shared with Liquidity Providers.

  3. LUA is the governance token earned ONLY through providing liquidity.

  4. Hard-cap: 500 million LUA. Base reward: 10 LUA/block. 10% for Treasury. All spending is voted on by LUA holders.

  5. The first 8 weeks will have HYPER-INFLATION

  • Rewards: 128X of base reward for 2 weeks, then halved every week until Week 8.
  • 25% of earned LUA is unlocked immediately. 75% is locked for 16 weeks, then unlocked linearly every block over 1 year, starting Week 17.
  1. Farming starts Sept 28th, 2020 from block #10,950,600 on ETH blockchain
    New pools will be voted on & listed appro. every 3 days.
    Swapping enabled in appro. 4 weeks.

  2. Future developments: Porting LuaSwap to other chains; Support leveraged trading; Improve the constant function algorithm

  3. More information found here: Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Website

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