TomoChain Weekly Recap (10/08 - 16/08)

TomoChain Weekly Recap (10/08 - 16/08)

#SwitchToTOMO! That’s the phrase you’ve seen flying around twitter these days. This past week highlighted the reasons as to why this hashtag has been going viral - because #TomoChain is convenient for all blockchain users, from newbies to experts!

  • When you really want to achieve something, every reason becomes motivation.
    So what are some motivations to #SwitchToTOMO? The core system, protocols & products or its usage variety? Check it out yourself!

  • With a rapid increase in activity that has nearly $5 Billion of Total Value Locked, #defi has marked its adoption power.
    Join DeFiningDeFi to know about DeFi’s current stage & future steps needed to evolve it into a viable and credible financial platform for the masses!

  • TomoDEX was honored to host an AMA session with one of our greatest partners - Decentr, an open decentralized platform that returns personal data value to users themselves. Decentr’s token $DEC has recently been listed and seen a huge potential on TomoDEX.
    The AMA provided an overview of Decentr’s ecosystem and roadmap, and how our handshake is going to benefit both communities as well as developers and enterprises in the long run.

  • Thank you SwapSpaceCo for supporting $TOMO
    Let’s take over the blockchain galaxy with our lightning speed & secure protection! Check out TomoChain’s fast & scalable features with SwapSpace!

  • TomoChain’s technology consultation helps simplify & fasten blockchain application for businesses, as we tackle crypto aspects: issuing coins, developing fintech Dapp, building a decentralized exchange, integrating crypto payment solutions & many more.

  • To store TOMO & tokens issued w TomoZ, vote for masternodes, track rewards & play Dapps on TomoChain, which app could provide such a full-fill experience all-in-one? Team IOS, Android or window, #SwitchToTOMO & TomoWallet’ve got you covered!

  • Accidentally having sent TOMO or stored TOMO ERC20 in an ETH Wallet? Don’t sweat! We’ve got solutions for you! Log into MEW/Metamask & switch your network to TomoChain! Or stop by & log in your TomoWallet.

    All the tokens on #TomoDEX are issued on TomoChain network, which uses TRC21 - a different token standard than ERC20 on Ethereum. NO direct send!

2 options to swap your tokens:

  1. TomoBridge:
  2. TomoDEX: see pic below
  • How can I track all my rewards on #TomoWallet?
    With just 3 simple steps:
  1. Log into #TomoWallet
  2. Select “View All” in “Rewards”
  3. Check your rewards by each epoch, daily, weekly, monthly,…
    Track your cha-ching anywhere, anytime!
  1. Import wallet on TomoMaster
  2. Vote/Unvote/Withdraw for the desired amount & candidate
    Track transactions via TomoScan. TomoChain makes staking easy & reachable!