TOMOE and Uniswap listing FAQ


What is TOMOE?

TOMOE is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain (contract address: 0x05d3606d5c81eb9b7b18530995ec9b29da05faba) and backed by an equal amount of native TOMO (on the TomoChain blockchain). One TOMOE is worth the same as one native TOMO at any given moment.

What's the difference between TOMOE & TOMO?

TOMO is the native token used on the TomoChain network.
TOMOE is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum network.
TOMOE represents 1:1 value with TOMO.

How to get TOMOE?

You can get TOMOE by:

Where can I store TOMOE?

You can store TOMOE in an Ethereum address. Make sure you own a private key/seeding phrase and can access the Ethereum address receiving TOMOE.
You can use TomoWallet app and Metamask.

  • On TomoWallet app, import your address you received TOMOE > switch the network to Ethereum > you will see TOMOE balance.
  • On Metamask, add TOMOE token into your account:
    Click on “Custom Token" & Fill in the following information:
    Contact address: 0x05d3606d5c81eb9b7b18530995ec9b29da05faba
    Token Symbol: TOMOE
    Decimal: 18
How to swap from TOMO to TOMOE and vice versa?

Login Metamask, swap TOMO<>TOMOE according to the network you choose

Swapping fee between TOMO and TOMOE

Network fees vary between swapping TOMO & TOMOE.
Swap TOMO-TOMOE: 4 TOMO with a minimum Swap amount of 100 TOMO.
** The amount of 4 TOMO is an internal fee that will be deducted directly within your swapping amount. For example, if you enter 500 TOMO to be swapped, 4 TOMO will be taken, and you will receive 496 TOMO in TOMOE.**

Is Metamask the only way to connect my address to TomoBridge to swap between TOMO and TOMOE?

At the moment, yes. If you use a hardware wallet, please connect it to Metamask first.
We will add more options in the near future.

Add liquidity to Uniswap pools:

Come to our chat @TomoChain or @LuaSwap for more support.