Tomoissuer coin created not showing me as creator

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly look into an issue?

An erc-20 coin I added via tomoissuer via the following hash is no longer showing me as the creator. Token 0x10d14db0825d1bfc3fe4984ee6d049691098d4cb Info

I see a second hash for the same coin created a few days later, both are now routing to the later issuers wallet which is incorrect.

I think this may be due to I was unable to add to Tomobridge being down the day I initially created the coin.

Kindly look into and correct?


There is no issue here,
Someone deployed chainlink token on tomochain and applied tomoz and add it to tomobridge
He/She even created a pull request to add token info.

There is an issue here, my deployment occurred a day before that one based on the transaction hash.

If an admin can kindly help sort this out?

I see that there are 2 chainlink tokens on tomochain link1 and link2 with 2 different creators. They have the same chainlink original contract address in ethereum

One of them applied to tomobridge: this: 0x39dd9bd193b31ff40401d57ee907183b351fa5ce

Can you see your token?

Yes, my transaction hash is the first earlier one and on that day Tomobridge was down and wouldn’t let me add the coin to Tomobridge.

Seems an error tomoissuer allowed creation of same coin a day later and that one was added to Tomobridge.

Can this be fixed so that the earlier link coin I created is added to Tomobridge instead?

Before applying to tomobridge, anyone can deploy erc20 token on tomochain.

Once the wrapped token applied to tomobridge, tomoissuer can check erc20 token list from tomobridge to prevent the other deployments

Sorry, nothing wrong with that token

I think what you’re describing is the issue I’m getting at— wouldn’t it be better that tomoz is the check for prior erc-20 deployments?

If the version of chainlink I deployed can’t be used on Tomobridge, can the 35 Tomo I spent in deployment be kindly refunded? As I mentioned my deployment on Tomobridge was prevented due to technology error at that time.


Hi, if not too much trouble please raise this to an admin? Would like to discuss two options: 1. Updating me to coin creator given my txt hash is the first
2. If we can’t update me to coin creator then refund the 45 Tomo spent adding the coin and submitting to tomoz



Sorry to hear that.

Even though you were the one who created the Link wrapped token first, you did not push it on TomoBridge right away so one member took that slot. We can not refund nor stop members from generating new tokens. It is decentralized and everyone has a chance to be part of it.

Normally, when someone creates a new token and the next person tempts to create the same token, there is a pop up screen telling you that. In your case, you were the first one doing it so unfortunately, you did not see it.


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Hi Alex, reason I didn’t push to Tomobridge was due to tech error that I raised.

Given the issue kindly re-review as it wasn’t just a timing issue.