Tomoz not is working

Hello i have created a token TRC21 with tomo issuer and applied to Tomoz. Token 0x525d9a4977c5d3af10d1ab05e58a4593c661845f Info.

The problem is that i sent token for test to the wallet of, metamask, trustwallet but tomoz not is working need have tomo for to pay the fee and this is a real problemfor we.

I really need your help i try to get support in telegram group but a lot of scammers.

Thanks any help

Did you add tomo for trc21 fee when you issued your token?

Hello, thanks for answer me, yes of course i have added tomo for to pay the fee, please review the contract and review that is token Trc21

Today i have created a test and want to share with yours the results.

First my test was made in testnet, and can discover the follow.

  1. Test from the wallet mobile android, i sent from contract owner and receive perfectly.
  2. I sent to other address in tomo wallet web version and this work tomoz is ok, not need tomo.
  3. I try to send from tomo web wallet and need tomo, thenm sent very small fraction 0.1 tomo and tested againg and all working, the extrage is that not pay the fee with tomo is using the token fee really working then i have sent tomo and in my wallet only have 0.00000885 and all working, my conclusion this are doing verification if you have balance of tomo.

So i am reviewing tomo isswer and find that is using meta trnsaction of gsn Gas Station Network, is possible to improve for that can to work with any wallet