Trading error on TomoDex

I’m trying to trade USDT on TomoDex however I keep getting an error message every time, error undefined. I’m using tomodex thru the Coinbase Wallet, am I doing something wrong?


Currently, TomoDEX has not been supported on Coinbase Wallet. If you want to access it, please go to via a web browser or via TomoWallet.

Thank you!

So how would I go about accessing the funds I deposited when I had TomoDex connected to my Coinbase wallet?

Hi again,

TomoDEX is under maintenance and we’re working on its upgrade. We’re so sorry for this inconvenience.

I suggest for the best practice, you can use TomoBridge to unwrap USDT and send it to other exchanges for trading. Otherwise, you can use LuaSwap to swap USDT TRC21 to TOMO native then send it away.

If you’re unfamiliar with TomoBridge and LuaSwap, the docs below can help you:

# How to wrap/unwrap your assets to/from TRC21 Wrapped Tokens on TomoBridge
# How to swap your token on LuaSwap

Contact me via Telegram: Contact @MiKeysel32 in case you need immediate help.


Hi there
I have the same problem with trustwallet when i want to sell my tomo to usdt… what should i do?