Why TomoDEx volume and other DEXs are so low?

TomoX has launched 1 month ago. Even after trading competition, I still see volume is so low. Low volume leads to price manipulation which badly affects lending and liquidation.

Do you have any idea to increase volume?

My suggestion is to list more coins and do more marketing. what do you think?


same concern. do we also need to decentralize TomoBridge?

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Yeah we have plan to list more tokens in near future, listing and volume/liquidity is chicken and the egg problem so we want to prepare all the material (technical, cross-promotion, communication before listing more coin/token)


Open the Token bridge to all ERC20’s and the volume will flood in.

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I don’t think so.
The current TomoDEX 24h volume is 150K, it should be in the top10 DEXs. Take a look the other DEXs volume https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/decentralized

We will list more tokens for sure.


Thanks for bringing up your concern.
Listing more tokens and more marketing will be definitely happening in the near future.

Wanna share my thought. DEX term has been live since the birth of ETH platform but it just actually took off the last 3 years since the ICOs were booming. Let’s look into this tweet https://twitter.com/sassal0x/status/1256938367515635712/photo/1. It showed total DEX volume on Ethereum in 2019 and 2020. Monthly volume in 2019 varied from 40M to 280M and it has dramatically increased in both the volume and the numbers of participants this year. We are talking about Ethereum where attracts most developers and DEFI users interact with DEFI applications every day.

Therefore, back to TomoChain, we need more time and much effort to grow TomoDEX in particular and TomoChain ecosystem as a whole.

After the trading competition, the average daily volume on TomoDEX of around $150k shouldn’t be underestimated at all to a young DEX (not built on ETH) imho.

There is the possibility that in the future, blockchain space may come up with more advanced tools/solutions to help connect all independent platforms together which allow DEXs on different blockchains to share the same token pools and ease the pain of entry barriers. We want to be a part of that journey.

We move forward faster with the immense support from TOMO community :100: Keep supporting us in any way you can!


The volume is very low and surely it is artificial, from Tomochain foundation, I hope they have the capacity to make a decent marketing, the community is asking for it since more than a year ago, the liquidity issue I hope one day I explain clearly how they will do it, while I imagine that they have the BTC custodian involved in their erc21, so for the moment it is NOT decentralized, it seems that 99% of the DEFI will happen in ETH, will Tomochain be 1%???

TRC21, not ERC21. Your words can NOT stop us go forward.


Total DeFi Market Capitalization is $4,328,368,821

với chi phí khóa 25000 tomo để tạo một sàn giao dịch tương đương 14k$ là số tiền khá lớn rất mong các nhà phát triển của Tomochain xem xét lại số tiền cược quá cao cho các starup muốn tham gia vào cuộc chơi Defi.hiện tại TomoX có đến 150 sàn thì thay vào đó tomochain nên mở cửa và tạo cơ hội cho các sàn phát triển cùng sau đó sẽ kiểm soát các sàn nào không có volume giữ lại các sàn hiệu quả và thanh lọc các sàn yếu làm như vậy sẽ giúp cho các sàn có sự cạnh tranh về cộng đồng mà làm tốt hơn !ý kiến cá nhân em là vậy !

TRON is also preparing to launch a token bridge. If they release first and open it to all ERC20s they will take a lot of market share from TomoChain. I hope TomoBridge can be released soon! Opening the TomoBridge to all ERC20s will increase the TomoDEX trading volume considerably.