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tomostakers on tomopool must be joining tdao

The proposal is gone! There is no update on the matter. :sleeping:

I have no proposal but a complaint.

I used to believe in TomoChain ecosystem, in every manner.

But now, after 9 months of being a community member who actively has brought at least 5 new members to this community, I’m starting to change my mind.
I won 2 events on Twitter, one with LuaSwap and one with TomoMasterDAO official handles.

Both happened to be unpleasant interactions with admins.

TomoMasterDAO announced me as a winner on 30dec 2021, and yet after 15 days no one has ever opened my DMs.
Same happened with LuaSwap but after I tweeted the issue publicly and it started to get reweeted they messaged me and answered me.

To be clear, it’s not about the prize, everyone knows the amount of the prize is not much. But this negligence towards the community is not accepted. A good project is expected to show a good public manner as well.

I hope my criticism can make changes in the teams public relations and improve the project as well.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to submit a grant proposal for discussion - would this be the correct section?

Thank you!