Blocked on Telegram, blocked on Twitter. Never received TOMO and my LIT is gone

??? I have no way of contacting you. I haven’t heard a word about the TOMO I was suppose to receive for my Lition.

My Lition is gone for weeks and there is nothing I can do. You don’t say anything and don’t respond to Twitter DMs. Why?

Read your Twitter DMs?

How can anyone contact you if you block everyone???


If you respect the chat rule, you will not be banned.
Please describe your issue here so I can help you.



The issue is that you are completely ignoring Twitter DMs on the TomoChainANN account. Check the Spam Folder!!!

You specifically mentioned that people can DM you on Twitter in the medium article regarding the LIT → Tomo Swap.

I am sure i am not the only person you completely ignored on Twitter.


Twitter is not the platform we provide support to users. Please address your issue here so I can help you out.


I don’t want to discuss all of this publicly since it involves sensitive information. I am blocked on all channels (TG, Twitter) so there’s no way for me to contact anyone privately when you ignore Twitter DMs. Maybe add an auto reply to your Twitter that explains that you do not help anyone there? It’s not hard to setup.

Do you have an email address??

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You can send us an email to


Does any of this suprise you Anonymous? Any direct question is deleted and the poster blocked, on all channels, do you guys really think you can just keep deleting until this disgrace fades from memory? And on that, why on earth are you guys and Richard admins of the Telegram chat when you both claim you don’t own it?

Yeah I know…”too combative”… I’ll just block myself now.

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Hi there, be polite and respectful. We do not ban/restrict you if you follow the chat rules. Keeping the chat clean and civilized is our job. The main social channels are important for a new team that is willing to take over Lition blockchain project since we will transfer all social resources to them.

This thread is open to support users regarding the unstaking issue, please behave and keep the thread stay focused. Again, I will delete irrelevant messages if necessary.

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