Why make a Lition Q&A if you can't be bothered to answer most questions?

And choose to close the whole thing after Lition community members enquire about your contradictory statements?

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There are no contradictory statements. Could you point out where they are? People spamming thread with no evidences is the reason the topic is locked.


Long, individuals have offered a lot of legitimate comments and concerns as well as creative suggestions in the Q&A thread. You could easily clarify the questions. I look forward to hearing about a viable path forward after the technical issues have been resolved.

For now, I would just appreciate getting a response to my question about finishing a Lition stake and when transferring it over to Meta Mask getting a: “failed tx” warning contract execution error issue. You responded yesterday, then Alex responded but I have a question that I posted yesterday in response to both of yours before trying to do this again, but have not received an answer. If you or Alex can respond there.

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It takes time for them to answer. Please be patient.


Nobody spammed the Q&A thread.

Here is a suggestion:

Hire someone who is experienced in managing crypto communities and has a proven track record.

The people that are currently in charge of the Lition community have done an absolute miserable job.

Evidently communication isn’t your strong suit either or else you wouldn’t have absolutely destroyed the project with a few posts and made all the trust nodes leave.

We need someone who actually knows how to run a crypto Telegram Channel, Twitter Account and other form of social media.

This is as important as the tech itself.

You also banned half the people invested in Lition from the Main Telegram Channel.

People have a right to feel upset when they get lied to for months.

You probably gonna ban me from the forum now cause you can’t take criticism of your team and what you are doing.

Just look at the absolute state of the Lition community and the Token price.

You took a good community with engaged, invested and passionate smart people and absolutely destroyed them and made them leave the project. Is that what you wanted?

How you fail to see that Lition would be a 100M+ market cap project by now with proper community management is beyond me.

We were well on our way and the bull run would have made everyone happy.

Guess that’s what happens when the people in charge hold no tokens and don’t care about the Token price.

Maybe TOMO should buy some to show the community that you also believe in it?


I am saying the truth which may not be comfortable.

If you can help Lition, I am welcomed you to contact us to see what you can do. Contacting Alex or Ann in Telegram is a good start.


Here are a few advices and uncomfortable truths from my side:

Make a statement about the ticker problem with Litentry. Why did you not do ANYTHING about the ticker fiasco? Not even a little post or retweet. Are you planning to rebrand and that’s why you don’t care at all? Saying you care about brand and community goes completely against the silence you all displayed regarding this topic (shoutout to Richard, who actually retweeted something).

Finally release the new token release schedule (where do all the unburnt tokens go). You only said no more burns. How did you not already have a table ready with the new release schedule when you decided on no more burns? That it has now taken almost
a month since I asked about it is frankly ridiculous.

Give a final deadline for the Energy Use Case announcement. The blockchain is working. If it isn’t in your opinion give a more clear timeline. First saying end of month and now saying 3-9 months until everything is fixed makes no sense and only increases uncertainty and makes you look unprofessional. Especially since many of the problems you mentioned are not directly related to the Energy Use Case (Token Bridges, Staking Site).

Also tell us why you don’t care that probably 50% or more of trustnodes are leaving end of February, because they have been completely neglected and many of them are running at a loss and can’t or don’t want to sustain the ETH fees for much longer.
Holding the announcement and tokenmics regarding the use case exacerbates this problem even more. As the uncertainty about profitability is huge.

Explain in depth why a switch from Ethereum to Tomo as anchor network is not possible for the energy use case. Richard (Lition Energy) agreed, that this switch seems necessary. The trustnodes also said so. So the only party in this 3-way agreement not willing to switch is Tomochain. Why do you hold this position. Claiming that is is “impossible”.

And last but not least:
Tell us what exactly you did from October to January. What was the transition excpect Patricio training Nghia.
Because from my viewpoint you only worked on liquidity programs, that partly benefited other aspects of the Tomochain network - not only LIT - and cancelled token burns without even preparing a table of a new schedule. You also took 3-4 months to onboard a company, that was completely willing - actually built the blockchain themselves - onto the blockchain even before Tomochain was involved (the process actually is not even finished yet).
You only delayed all announcements when everything stopped working, showing that you did not look at the code until then or did just not care about shortcomings. Why did you not tell the community earlier about possible delays because of bugs?

Edit: Forgot about the silence regarding the SCAM telegram group, that copied the Lition group and was scamming people. Nobody bothered to address that, even if it was brought up by multiple people. Also a disgrace.


I do not work on Lition personally TomoChain lab does. I will take things you said to the team. Like I mentioned we need times to investigate the technology and use cases and will report to the community when it finalizes.

The ticker issue has been answered in the telegram and I quoted here: “Binance’s ticker belongs to Binance. We cannot do anything about it. Ideally there is no overlapping, but once Binance made their decision, TOMO team cannot change it.”


Seemingly nobody that works on Lition is even responding to the community. Richard “Sorry out of my responsibility”. Tomo CEO: “Sorry not my area”.
Actual Lition Team: “…” Complete silence.

Another thing, that drastically needs to change. The only person involved (except Alex, she’s doing her best), that said something was Nghia, who maybe says something in the trustnode group every 2 weeks.


Everything has been said now, so the only thing left to do is to give them the benefit of the doubt, try and trust that they are making progress, albeit in a very strange, unorthodox way. It’s difficult when all evidence currently points to deliberate neglect, and dodging responsibility, which is reflected in the token price, and current community engagement. 4 months post-acquisition and having this conversation, it’s beyond disappointing.


Recruiting randoms off the internet and putting them in charge of the millions invested by thousands of people is not what I meant by this. I also like work that’s legal and offers me all the benefits.

The Lition Community deserves better.

Many Avenues you can take to recruit experienced and serious people.

A serious job offering, Twitter, Reddit promotion would help.

Hiring a Westerner would be a good idea because I feel like there are just too many cultural differences between Tomo and Lition at the moment.

But yeah if you feel like the 50,60,70k that’s required to pay someone like this isn’t worth it I have no clue what to say.

I had hope that Kyun was going to be more active in Lition due to his studies in the US etc. Too bad he basically disappeared as well.


Lition network is down.
I hope someone from Tomo team answers investors concerns as soon as possible.

Are they not even saying anything in the Telegram?

I have one conflicting statement, if you could please clarify. In the acquisition FAQ from October, you were asked if Tomochain pty ltd is the purchasing entity of Lition Blockchain, to which the response was “yes, it is”, and in conversation on the trust node group, which you have since departed, you assert that “you misunderstood, we do not own any proprietary”. Could you please confirm who the owner of Lition Blockchain is at this time.

Many Thanks.