Suggestion regarding Lition's reach

Hey there.

I think it would be nice for Lition if you would add Luaswap’s pairs to Coingecko. I saw the volume in general was surging up on Luaswap and I think this might give some nice traction for both projects.


Fantastic idea, however, sadly all conversation regarding Lition are shut down at the moment, mostly ignored, hopefully the results from the audit are the start of a change in direction. I have little confidence left at this point unfortunately, I fear that the previous owner has handed them some serious problems, which will need to be resolved to guarantee that Lition can even survive. I have my fingers crossed that they can find this solution soon.

They don’t say a word. Let the entire project die. Ban people from the Telegram. Absolutely zero communication while the Network is not working.
Price is dropping closer to zero. Millions of dollars lost. Thousands of people scammed. I have a hard time even understanding how they can sleep at night doing this.

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Need to start another telegram to discuss freely, without being constantly censored by Long. He thinks he can now just pretend like he never made a public statement with Richard that he acquired Lition, and erase everyone that has questions. BTW, both these messages will be erased.

I posted this two weeks ago but never got a response from Long. I am posting it here again because this speaks to your statement Cornholio that it’s like he (Long) and (Richard Lohwasser) never made a public statement that Lition was acquired by Tomochain. Both parties are responsible for this unprofessional debacle especially given their glowing public statements about the acquisition and its promise. In most markets, this would raise some substantial red flags and be cause for action.

Posted 2 weeks ago:
This is worth letting people know about. This is Long Vuong’s response to my request for reimbursement when, after one of Tomochain’s employees - Nghia - tells me that the issue with the staking contract for Lition is fixed and I rely on that statement and try to unstake from the Lition Pool only to encounter a “failed transaction” “Warning Contract Execution Error” twice and lose up to $300 in the process. It turns out the issue was not fixed of course. Asking for reimbursement is not just reasonable, any business with integrity would do so.

Long Voung: “Lition software is fully open sources and not built by TomoChain Lab. There are a lot of quirks with Lition’s software and unlike corporate softwares there are no revenues for us coming from users using softwares. All Nghia and we are doing is helping to our best extent without compensation. Hence there is no reimbursement policy. Thank you for understanding.”

I do not understand your response Long. What I do understand is that Tomochain acquired Lition and made a public announcement to that effect and Tomochain as the new announced legal owner of that company are responsible for Lition. Just because a business is not making money, does not mean the owners are not responsible for the business and it’s liabilities. I find your response remarkable and maybe a story that some might find very interesting. A blockchain business acquires another blockchain company but is not responsible for the business it has acquired. I don’t understand it. The thread is then subsequently closed without allowing me to make a response.

Maybe someone else on this board can help me understand this. Thank you

Yep…”oh no we don’t own it, we’re just helping out”. So who owns it at this point in time? Who is responsible for its communications? What does “acquired” actually mean to these two guys?..Quite bizarre behaviour, I’ve never seen anything like it. All the spruiking in that acquisition FAQ was just made up, probably by Kyn, who is now also gone. All the talk about Lition now having access to Tomo’s dozens of developers and software engineers, as it turns out there’s ONE, and when they take a sick day the blockchain is allowed to crash, and there’s not one other that can intervene? So no contingency plan for when that ONE person is not at work??

There was a question in the FAQ that asked if Tomochain pty ltd is the purchasing entity, to which the answer was “yes, it is”. So now, if no such event took place, then it has to still be owned by Richard, who is currently hiding in a WW2 air raid bunker somewhere in Berlin. And with Long distancing himself further from it by the day, where does that leave us? The thousands of people that have invested millions into Richards charade?

Bizarre is the right word to describe this situation. I have never seen anything like it either.

Indeed, it’s very confusing. I’m hoping Long’s new “say nothing til it’s completed” policy is being employed here, and there’s a solution on the way. I can’t bear to think of the alternative.

But having said that, can you think of ANY other project in crypto that would let 4 days and counting elapse after the blockchain crashing, with zero communication with the community?, didn’t think so, because it’s totally unacceptable, amateurish, and disrespectful.