Coins in list magically reappear after deselecting

In the wallet (android) there is a list of coins. If you want to remove any of these coins, you should presumably just select Manage to the top right and deselect the coins you do not wish to have in the list. Unfortunately, after deselecting them and returning to the main screen, they magically reappear. I have tried refreshing after deselecting until they have all gone and they did dissappear, but after logging back in, there they were again. Annoying.

As a sidenote, they are not easy to deselect as it is easy to select the whole button as oppose to just the small circle on the left, maybe this should be a small separate button on left.

Apart from this, it is by far the sleekest and most useful wallet I have used.

Sorry for my late reply.
Thank you for your sharing. We took note of your feedback and will improve this part as soon as possible!

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That’s great to hear; I look forward to a functioning coins list!

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