Tomo not recognized on Coinbase Wallet

Hello there, I have had a Tomo Wallet for many years but haven’t looked at it.

After unstaking and sending to another wallet it did not show up :frowning:

Transaction Details :

I looked up why that might have happened and it seems that now you must “bridge” to TOMOE ? before sending :frowning: This I did not realize or know of since It’s been awhile since I’ve used the wallet.

What am I do to now? Since the tokens just seem to be " out there "

Any way to reverse the transaction so that I can bridge the assets to the correct one when moving?

Thanks - much appreciated for your response and continued support on the TOMO chain :slight_smile:


Your tomo is here: 0x91921365C63EE7D544545E3d433CaFfACcA13672

I didnt understand the problem. Can’t you reach this wallet?

It looks like TOMO is not an ERC-20 token ? Coinbase wallet - the above address I sent it to - does not recognize it :frowning:
It looks like I had to bridge to TOMO(e) ? before sending…

Hopefully somebody here can help me with recovering my original tokens - thanks

Do you have privatekey or seeds of that Coinbase wallet?

Yes I have keys and seed phrase

Import it to iOS TomoWallet and use them. Or import it to metamask, use it on TomoChain network.

will this recover the tomo originally sent from the ios tomowallet?
Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Its not showing it in the wallet

What is your wallet address

The same as you previously indicated - its a Coinbase wallet and it recognizes TOMOE but not TOMO ( which I sent )

And as i said before, import your seeds to tomowallet or metamask. Its there :point_down:

I just importer my seeds to tomo wallet - here’s my screenshot

It is not the this wallet: 0x91921365C63EE7D544545E3d433CaFfACcA13672