OLD TOMO TOKENS - need converting


I have misplaced some TOMO tokens and now have them in my MetaMask, they have not been converted to new TOMOE coins, can anybody please direct me how to do this from my MetaMask, or where I need to sign up to make this happen.


Hi Luke,

Your old TOMO was automatically converted to TOMO native as TomoChain mainnet was launched in Dec 2018. You needn’t do anything. Just switch to TomoChain network on Metamask. You will see your TOMO balance.

If this is the first time you enter TomoChain mainnet on Metamask, please make sure your Metamask was connected to TomoChain network.

Follow this instruction to add TomoChain network..

Let me know if you get any troubles.



Hi @Hongtamd32,

I have a similar question… uncovered one of my old MEWS and it has the original TOMO Tokens on it Contract ID 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc

Can these be simply transferred to Binance and traded? Do I need to convert them?


Hi Alex,

As I checked, you have 450 TOMO native in your wallet (Address 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc).

You can send this balance to Binance for your trading purpose without converting.


Thank you @hongtamd32,

My MEW wallet address is actually 0xbB975d05AB475c7CA6e879641322C2579ca0cC35… the contract address I provided below was what appears when I click on TOMO in MEW

How do I see them in my MEW? I changed my network connection to TOMOCHAIN…

It displays TOMO in my token list but displays 0

Do I need to add a new Custom Token for the Native Coin?

Would you know the details I need to enter?
Sorry for all the questions and thank you for your help


thnx, have made it and claimed my tokens :pray:

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I see similar discussion so if you can help me, I would really appreciate it. I was going through my ledger today and saw there were tomocoin from back in the days. Here is my Ledger address:
0x5271792085d0EfC0b6A876bcc52A7D856b4ea7B9. I see there were 1,701.52713 tokens there. I do not recall converting or transferring them so not sure how to recoup them. I am assuming that address has been frozen for a while. I would really appreciate if one of the members can help me. This is the contract address:

Nevemind, it does seem like I swapped it on tomo 2 years ago. :slight_smile:

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Admin ơi, vui lòng kiểm tra ví này giúp với:
Mính có 2000 TOMO mà tôi ko chuyển đi được nhờ tư vấn giúp tôi với.
Xin cám ơn

Hi bạn,

Mình đã check địa chỉ ví bạn gửi trên cả TomoScan và Etherscan nhưng không thấy hiển thị TOMO. Bạn có thể tự kiểm tra lại ví của mình.

Nếu cần hỗ trợ nhanh, bạn có thể liên hệ với mình qua Telegram @MiKeysel32.


I have similar problem. I can’t recover my old TOMO. I ask to IDEX and they told me that I have go to Tomochain community. After that i saw that post:

and filled the form many times without response. The topic is closed without feedback.

Someone can help me in order to have the right way to recover my TOMO ?
Adresse : 0x0C95a7EE47675Ea0806E8c6D97bb431C03792346

Thanks in advance

Hi Caullema,

We’ve checked our form responses and we’re so sorry that we haven’t got your ticket yet. Pls provide us your email then we can check it again.

Thank you!


My email adresse on IDEX is: ta_catxxxxxxxxrobasefre_e._fr
Remove arobase and _ in the address.

Thanks for your support

We’ve checked the form responses again based on the information you provided and still got nothing.

Pls make sure that you fill in the form https://goo.gl/forms/FnjVSUZ1hgSWWZZE3 with the correct information that’s needed, especially your address connected to IDEX that stored TOMO ERC20 (not the email address you use to log into IDEX).

Because we’ve done all transactions for Apr 2021, your case is expected to be done in May 2021.

Thank you!

I filled th form yet. Please let me know if you receive it correctly and let me know if I filled the right address (in the wrong case, where can i found it?)

We’ve got your ticket already but the address you provided is not the correct one. Pls log into IDEX and copy the address that you deposited your TOMO into, then we can send the new TOMO to that address.


Tried again. I put the address of my ether wallet.
Let’s see.
Sorry for my newbies skills …

Yeah, we’ve got all of your correct infomation that’s needed. We will support your case on 4-7th next month (on working days) and send the confirmation email too.

Best regards,

:pleading_face: is not possible to support my case this month? I’ve tried many and many time since the last months and I’m still in the slot of 4-7th of May for my request, please?..

Best regards,

So sorry but we’ve just finished the IDEX support for Apr 2021 and we have only one batch per month. We will proceed with your request on 1st - 3rd June and you will receive the confirmation email once we get it done.
Pls bear with us and stay tuned.