OLD TOMO TOKENS - need converting

Ok, thanks again for your help and your support till the end.

Best regards,

HI TOMO Admin,
It seems my problem is similar to the above.
I have TOMO on the TOMO coin network, I would like to send it to a wallet for staking. However the TOMO value is 0 on MEW.
Can you help retrieving tokens for staking?
I am using a Trezor to access MEW, so no private key.


Hi Justin

Here is my wallett address for old ERC20 token that I need to swap over to the new tomo tokens on myetherwallet (MEW).

Could you assist me on how I can do this? I have read many threads on tomochain and reddit pages but I cant seem to access the tomochain blockchain network from the MEW interface. Am I missing something?


Thank you in advance.


Hi Rizwan,

To better understand your problem with the TomoChain network on MEW, please send me direct message via Telegram handle @MiKeysel32.

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