Original TOMO coin help needed

I need some help/guidance on TOMO please.
I have some TOMO from the original purchase which I can see when I look on MEW, but I would like to know a few things as I haven’t done anything with them since purchase and seen many questions about TOMO and am confused to be honest.

a) Do I have to swap them for a newer version?
b) I want to send them to an exchange, so should I send them using MEW or Ledgerlive with my Nano?
c) or do I have to now use Metamask and connect with Ledger Nano instead to send them?

All very confused as I haven’t followed them and simply was in Hodl mode until now.


Hey Barge,

Here are some answers to your questions.

  1. If you keep your TOMO in MEW, it has been automatically swapped for you. All you need to do is to change the network to TomoChain and you’ll be able to see your balance.

  2. It would be better and easier to make transactions via MEW.

  3. You can also use Metamask. Whichever way works, it just depends on your preferences. Just make sure you have the network on TomoChain to access your balance.

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Thanks hong, but I’m still confused.

Yes, it would be great if I could use MEW to send my TOMO but to won’t work and Ledger Live doesn’t support it I have discovered.

I just tried to send using Metamask today and it FAILED also, saying there was a problem with the U2F which is a well known error code and I followed the steps to make sure the latest version is installed but still it will not work.

Do you have any simply tutorials that I can follow to move the Tomo from my Ledger? and finally
will I have to use Tomoswap to swap from Tomoe to TOMO?

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your message. This all gets confusing, so please bear with me and help me get some clarity.

I purchased Tomo 3 years ago, but I have not even looked into any of my wallets/Ledger until now. I wanted to leave everything.

So when you say ’send me your wallet address’, which wallet are you actually referring to please? As I can see the TOMO when I look on Ledger Live, but there is nothing on my TOMO wallet because I haven’t been able to send them there.

Apologies for my limited knowledge, but I haven’t spend the past 2-3 years following this closely.

Thanks again

Hi Justin,

I have just opened Metamask and it shows the TOMO, is that the address you wish me to send over?

Do you want a screenshot?

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Hi Justin,

I managed to sort it out this side…. I think it was because LedgerLive was turned off that made the difference.
Thanks for your help.