Old Tomo stuck on idex

Need help getting my tomo that’s on idex. Bought some years ago never found out about the swap. Filled out the form never got a response back from the support team.


Thank you for reaching out to us!

Regarding your IDEX support request, we did have it checked and find out that your balance on IDEX is zero, so your request is rejected & we can not refund TOMO back to you.


Thanks for your kind understanding!


Not possible it’s literally right there

Not possible I have the screenshot here

Hi Justin - I have my tomo as ERC20 in my ledger nano wallet accessing through MEW. I went to tomowallet and try to import. There are two options import using a. Ledger wallet. b. by private key.

Which one I should select a or b. When I selected Ledger wallet and selected the any HD deviation path, it does not work. Should I import using the Private key option. Please help.

Thank you Justin. Sincerely appreciate it.
I followed all the instructions and it worked. I was able to get my TOMO into tomowallet. I also want to test if I can convert very small portion into ETH. I used tomodex to sell TOMO to get 0.3 ETH. I can see 0.3ETH in the portfolio tab. However, the address inside TOMO wallet and dex is still showing my Ledger wallet (MEW) address. However, If I go to Ledger wallet (MEW), I can not see the ETH balance. Am I missing something or do I need to use Metamask here.
I am also not getting the deposit/withdraw buttons for both TOMO and ETH assets that I own.

Hey @JustinYan, Are you still an admin sir ? I filled in the form as I have TOMO stuck on IDEX as well but never got a reply… Any ideas ?