Is there anything to be done with the pre-swap tomo tokens in eth wallet?

asked this in the telegram and immediately got banned, no idea why, but makes me not want to have anything to do with tomo.

Address 0x4687466ac9bd165ca3bf2f6b6446822560b9fc3d | Etherscan the tomo tokens seen here in this wallet are frozen correct?

t .me / tomochain is the telegram group Thank you for your response. I also have tomochain coins stuck on idex v1 as seen here in the same wallet. I asked idex support about this and this was their response “Thank you, unfortunately those are the old TOMO erc20 tokens which are currently locked unfortunately so you won’t be able to withdraw / transfer them but I’d recommend reaching out to the TOMO team in case they might still be accepting swaps. You can find the lock info under $2.1500 | Tomocoin (TOMO) Token Tracker | Etherscan > function #5

This is over 50k USD and ive been a supporter of tomo for a long time, I dont feel like i should be punished for this

can you assist me in this matter?

Hola, me pagaron por tomochain en BTC pero me dicen despues que esta en TCR21 no tengo ideo que es, pero tampoco me deja sacarlos adjunto imagen

necesito ayuda para retirarlos como puedo hacer? Muchas gracias

Is there any reason you do not transfer these tokens over for people? We can establish who owns the tokens using the balance function of the IDEX contract. We can generate the list of wallets using the transaction history. There is nothing stopping TomoChain from transferring these funds over for people.

Hola @ruben_acosta , cómo estás?
Me pasó lo mismo, pudiste solucionarlo y mover tus btc?