Exchanging Tomo for New Tokens

I have a balance of TomoChain on IDEX which has been sat there for a few years and found out that since then a new token has come out which i need to exchange this balance for, but i cannot withdraw the amount from IDEX, any idea how i can exchange these tokens?

Hello Miles,

Please go through this article and fill in the form inside https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-supports-the-tomo-swapping-for-tomo-owner-on-idex-376630497e8c
We will help you to get TOMO native token. Cheers,

Thanks for the form and information, I filled this out when you first sent this and haven’t received any update. Can you help with this?

No worry. We will send you TOMO native token on 5th every month! You will receive our confirmation email once we get it done.