Withdraw TOMO from IDEX

Hi there,

I have some TOMO on IDEX and went through the steps to have them sent to my MyETH wallet but with filling in the Google Form i accidentally filled in my MyETH wallet address and didn’t switch to the TOMO network.
In my IDEX account i can still see the TOMO coins so i guess nothing is transferred. What would be wise to do? Ask IDEX for another transfer? Are the coins transferred when a non-TOMO address is filled in?


Hello there,

If you stored TOMO ERC20 token on IDEX, you can not get them back. Please go through this post and fill in the form inside: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-supports-the-tomo-swapping-for-tomo-owner-on-idex-376630497e8c, we will help send you TOMO native early next month.