Can't send TOMO from Metamask to Exchnage

Hi All,

A long time ago (3 years) I bought TOMO on IDEX before it had a normal login structure and completely forgot about it. I had a few other coins on there. The Admin on IDEX reverted it to my Metamask account along with a few other tokens when they moved to a new account structure. All of the other ones got to me fine, as did the TOMO, but when I go to send the TOMO to Kucoin or the transfer fails. The other ones didn’t do that. I’ve tried it a few times now and it has failed every time. It seems others have had issues with this, or that you would have provided TOMO on the Tomochain, but I don’t know how to check that. Any help would be much appreciated.


Old TOMO in your Metamask was frozen and therefore it’s no longer in use. You need to switch the current network to TomoChain with the help of this guidance. Then you can send TOMO native on our network to Binance or Kucoin with a nearly-zero fee.

Hope it helps.