TOMO token transfer failed

Dear Admin

I am not able to transfer my TOMO token
And transaction goes to the failed status
Seems plenty of past tx has failed.
Have you migrated the contract?
Please help to transfer my token.


Hi there,

TOMO is no longer ERC20. We launched our mainnet in Dec 2018.
Please check your native balance on TomoScan: Address 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc.

Now you need to switch the network to TomoChain to access TOMO native balance. The guide is here: How to Connect to TomoChain Network - TomoChain Docs

Hope it would help.

Hi there,

I experience a Fallback 7 days ago on a deposit from binance to my Tomo wallet.

At first, transfer succesed and I received them on my Tomo wallet but then, two fallbacks tx from tomovalidator and my Tomo are still not in my wallet.

I need help on this one


Hi , i have a problem and I m not sure it is related to the topics or not. But I hope somebody can help me.

I did Tomo withdrawal from my Binanace account to my Binanace smart chain wallet extension via Tomo network.

On the transfer history it shows the transfer is successfully done to the wallet address but my Binanace extension has no Tomo network to show the Tomo tockens.

Do you have any experience in this regards that can help me. I have invested since 3 month ago and it is so sad that I see I don’t have access to it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Justin,

this is the mistake I have done. I withdraw it to Binanace wallet address for Binanace smart chain network. And Binanace, recognized the address valid and suggested me using Tomochaim network or BSC to transfer. I picked Tomochaim as has less transfer fee.

But after the transfer completed, I realized there is no option for Tomochaim network in Binanace smart chain wallet extension.

I am wondering how can recover the tokens?

I hope I could explain it clear.


Hi Justin - Can I send my TOMO from tomowallet to kucoin? Or Do I need to follow some other process before transferring it to exchanges for trade?

I am following the below process and will let you know the results.

  1. Connect to tomowallet using metamask after verifying metamask showing the tomo under tomochain main net

a. Even though I connected through metamask, the contract address shown (both in Metamask and Tomowallet) is still my ledger wallet
b. I can see all of my tomo balance and ETH balance in my tomowallet
c. Idea is to send some tomo to my Kucoin for trading

  1. Identify the deposit address of Kucoin for tomo
  2. From tomo wallet, send tomo (small amount for testing)

Three questions:

  1. Am I doing the process correct? Though seems simple, but want to verify
  2. How long does it take to complete this txn? Looks like it never completes and slower than ETH network. I waited for 10 min
  3. I am also not seeing any txn in my tomoscan when I searched for my contract address where TOMO is residing

Justin - It went through and i could see the tomo at my Kucoin.

Thanks Justin. I am comfortable on the Kucoin. Just worried on the tomowallet as it was the first time using it. I am an early TOMO investor during ICO. I still have lot of TOMO in my wallet as I am long on TOMO.

Last question: I have 0.3ETH stuck in my TOMO wallet. Very small portion. I know its a wrapped ETH. Any clue how I can convert it to ETH or How I can take this wrapped ETH to my metamask as wrapped ETH.

I tried TOMO Bridge to change it to ETH native, but the transaction is not going through. Its getting stuck even after confirming the txn in metamask.

Justin - I fixed this and able to convert the ETH into TOMO and kept it as TOMO. Thanks.