My coins in IDEX

Hello all.
I invested in Tomo in its first days. Bought from idex. But now I see it doesn’t allow me to withdraw. I filled this form at the begining of the month
but there are no responses. Please help me, thanks

My IDEX address ends with bcdf62

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Hi there, make sure you find our email on your inbox or spam box. If there is no confirmation email from us, please provide me your full address and email you registered. I will check and get back to you on this.

Hello! I don’t see any mail from you. My idex eth address is
My email addr is ciir1 @ hotmail com

Hi there, you filled in the form on the 5th Sept so we will support your case next month from 5th-7th. Stay tuned.

Hi, I also left my coins in IDEX (They still are in my IDEX wallet). Can you help me as well?

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Hi there,

Please fill in this form and read the post inside and

We will support your case from 5-7th next month.

Hello! Any progress?

Please check your inbox/spam box.
If you don’t receive any email or your TOMO native balance still 0, send me your address, I will look it up.

I got them, thank you very much

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Any progress here with my case?


I bought TOMO coin years ago. But I couldnt withdraw now
. I filled the form
But there is no response.
My email adress:
and my IDEX ERC 20 wallet: 0xb35de1e96aaae65bb26cea089f31aeca95bd035f

Hi there,

We sent you TOMO native a year ago. Please check it out:

TOMO ERC20 on IDEX is no longer in use. You cannot use IDEX to trade TOMO or check the balance. We just recently launched our mainnet, so TOMO is no longer an ERC20.

Regarding the swap, we sent you the amount of TOMO native (equivalent to the amount of TOMO ERC20 you left on IDEX – with a 50 TOMO fee) to the address you provided.

Thus, as long as you keep your private key, to check your balance and use your new TOMO, please use/login to

  • MEW (switch to TomoChain Network)
  • TomoWallet (import your wallet into TomoWallet)
  • Metamask
    Follow this guideline: