Missed token swap - what to do?

I really need help regarding my situation. I bought Tomo coin back in 2018, on IDEX.
Since then, I didn’t even use IDEX and now, I was trying to withdraw the tokens from IDEX but I couldn’t because according to their support answer:
"That token was locked by the TOMO team so you won’t be able to withdraw it. If you haven’t participated in their token swap you’ll need to reach out to that token’s team to see what your options are. "

So now that I missed the swap, what can I do? Is there a way to withdraw the tokens from IDEX (my wallet)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi there,

TomoChain would like to inform you that we have officially closed the form for $TOMO support on IDEX :bangbang:

Future swapping support will be suspended.

TomoChain’s official IDEX form has been closed! Beware of scammers as many will take advantage of this event and will try to trick you. They opened up a form, almost identical to the official one, asking for your private keys and memoric phrase.

:x: NEVER give out your personal private keys/memoric phrase to any one .

:x: Admins NEVER DM you first.

You can follow us on Twitter | Telegram channel for more future updates.

Best regards,

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the warning but I’m not sure this answers my question.
So in other words, there is no way to withdraw my tokens from IDEX? And basically, I lost them?

Best regards.

Hi there,

There is no way you are able to withdraw your old TOMO ERC20 from IDEX. We stopped the support program last month, after 2 years of constant support.

Sorry to inform you that.

Best regards,