HELP ! Late Swap (2020)

Hi everybody,

I require your help as i have some tomo in my Ledger wallet for years now.

Tomo are these one :

So ERC20.

I bought them 2 years ago. I never noticed that i should have swapped it.

Now i can’t do anything with these tokens… Anyone could help ? I would really appreciate.

Thank you all and have a good day.

Hello Justin,

Thank you for your answer. I tried everything to see my TOMO but couldn’t do anything about it…

So, they appear on my ERC20 adress : 0xae2515E5e704160BA41618E2b78c9652cbA13E85

Thank you for your help, i really appreciate :slight_smile:


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Alright thanks man for your answer :slight_smile:


Hi Justin -

I have the same issue as Cryptobenoit. However, I never moved my tomocoin out of my Ledger Nano S. I see the balance 496 sitting in my Ledger, but no dollar amount associated to it. Can you look into my wallet and advise?

My wallet address: 0xA717E64c515Fb3Bc882a339a9D0d5e2e766bEBa3


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Yep exactly. I was having trouble doing it through Metamask, but was able to figure it out though MEW. Thanks for the follow up!


Hello Justin,

I am also having a similar issue. I have TOMO from the erc20 and when I connect through Trezor/Mew and change the network to TOMO it shows a 0 balance, but shows 507 on the ethereum address.

This is the address: 0x0a1C5C78aBefdaBfaC119a3A5252192B17534d38

Can you help me verify/move forward to make sure they are correctly swapped? Thank you

I checked your account in TomoScan and saw that you moved TOMO out of your account 2 years ago Address 0x0a1c5c78abefdabfac119a3a5252192b17534d38

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