Unstaking Enabled for All LPS Stakers

Dear Lition community,

Thank you for being patient while we are working on the transition phase.

Lition Energy mainnet has stopped functioning for 1 week, failing to generate LIT rewards to Lition stakers according to the original reward plan. The system is expected to remain inactive for an unknown period of time while we tend to the mainnet issue, hence we have decided to enable unstaking for all LPS stakers.

Lition Pool Staking participants have 2 options:

  1. Unstake and withdraw your staking LIT at any given time, or
  2. Maintain your staking LIT in the staking dashboard. If you wish to keep your asset in Lition’s staking dashboard, your fund will remain safe but will no longer generate any staking rewards.

This update applies to everyone who is currently:

  • Stakers whose lockup period hasn’t expired
  • Stakers whose lockup period has expired and got LIT stuck at the withdrawal step.

Following this update, we will disable the “New Deposit" and “ReStake" buttons on the staking site, effectively not admitting new stakings or onboarding new validators.

We look forward to your understanding and patience while we are working. A full transition and audit report on technology, finance, and business & development will be published by the end of next week.

If you have any issues regarding the unstaking and withdrawal, please submit your ticket under this thread or this form: https://forms.gle/8btuZ8532Bjbg4oG9 if you are not comfortable publishing your information. This form will close at 3 am UTC Monday, Apr 20th, 2021

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Thank you :pray:



I would like to unstack but it’s not possible.
The buttons are grey and it’s still in lock up period. Could you please guide me to unstack the Lit ?


All buttons are still greyed out. Please tell me how to unstake my LIT. Thank you very much in advance!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay and this inconvenience.
The unstaking script has been activated and is expected to be done within today. We will notify the community when it’s done. Thank you :pray:

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Hello everyone,

You are able to unstake your staked LITs.

Let me know if you have any issues. Will support you asap.

Thank you.

I actually tried today again after finding this thread unsuccessfully to withdraw the validator rewards from our Anyblock validator (sidechain 3) via contract-gui but it does not work.
Same error as yesterday (reported via DM to your twitter handle), see screenshot.
Please advice, thanks.

This better be detailed. We deserve an explanation for this outrageous behavior by TomoLab.

The price reached a NEW ALL TIME LOW under your leadership.

People are selling at these prices cause they feel like saving less than a tenth of what they invested into Lition is the best they can get out of this disaster. Tells you a lot about the confidence they have in you.

Tomo has to evaluate how to move forward from here. You cannot continue to go on like this. You have a responsibility towards investors, the community. Treat them like stakeholders and not like trash.

If you don’t understand how it’s concerning to people to watch tens of thousands of dollars disappear just because you don’t feel the need to update a community I’m not sure what exactly it is you do in the crypto space.

You could have avoided pretty much most of what just happened by communicating properly but here we are with a price almost under 1 cent.

I have personally lost so much money because of you I’m ashamed to even say it and all I’m getting is no answers, banned from the Telegram, posts on this forum deleted and no response anywhere else.

You have completely destroyed one of the best communities in crypto in a few months. This is really painful to see.

Maybe it was Richard’s plans all along to hand us over to even more incompetent people so he doesn’t look as bad. Who knows.

I give up on trying to imagine what goes on into your heads really.

“Nothing ever seen before in crypto” - well I guess Richard was right about that one because I have truly never seen anything like this in crypto. I hope I never see it again. Outright rug pulls and scams are more honest than what you did to us.


I had 235k tokens staked, when I clicked finish I only got back 200k tokens. Where are my other tokens?

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When I unstake my LIT I get much less then what I have staked. I have proof of the amounts that I had from the 22nd of February meaning before the mainnet crash. So I am asking for the tokens that the contract has eaten up. It is about your own reputation that will get hurt into the future if you do not respond to this.

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I tried to finish my stake, but it got cancelled. I think because there was not enough lit in the pool address. I just wasted my eth, what is tomo/lit going do about it?

This issue was already been raised before the unstaking was live, so you would think that this was thought of and fixed.

Dev triggered a function that allows for unstaking using script. That’s the scope we did yesterday There could be a problem with the original contract or other issues which would need time to investigate. We will respond next week.


Well written, 100% true.


Unstaking worked perfectly fine. Although. My rewards which should be atleast 15 %overall for a 12 month stake… Only gave my a +45 lition netto back.

Can you guys perhaps adress this? It seems more people have this issue…

Would love to hear back from you guys…

Hello - Attempted to withdraw Lit. Can see the amount I have staked is actually more than what is in the pool. Finishing stake with more than ample gas fees and limits still results in error. So far, wasted quite a bit of ETH. Please advise.

Hello everyone, it would be great if you can provide us your address/screenshots so we can look into them right away. Thank you!

How long will it be possible to unstake from Lition Staking Pool? Is there a timeframe?

Hi there, you can unstake LIT at any given time. If you did unstake and your LITs got stuck, please address your issue with more details: your address/tnx/screenshots if any, we will look into it and get back to you asap.

When will the Lition report be completed?

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Hi there, we expect to release the report by this Sunday.


Thankyou…will likely be under 1c by then, so I look forward to reading something positive.