Unstaking Enabled for All LPS Stakers

Hi Alex,

I will not prefer to share my staking details in public. Can you suggest other option.

I got your msg via telegram. Work on it now. Thank you.

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I unstaked my LIT after 9months last weekend, but I only received my original amount back (not my daily 20LIT rewards)
I unstaked 33k but only received 27k
What happened?
BTW…is Lition Energy still alive?

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Hi there, could you send me your address?
And Lition Energy run by Richard is a separate business from the Lition blockchain project and yes, it is still alive.

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Will the report give us more informations about the future of Lition? Will the token have a (valuable) usecase in the future?

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The report will heavily cover our audit findings of the Lition technology and token management. Please stay tuned for more details. Thank you!


Will it also contain an update on business development? The energy use case for example.

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No, this report will not cover the business development side.

Do you not think that an update on business development is due?

We priority the investigation atm. The final audit report is expected to release this Sunday. The business announcements/updates will be pending and announced when the timing is right.

And this thread is exclusive for supporting LPS stakers when we enable unstaking function. Please help keep it stay focused. Thanks for your cooperation :pray:

Thankyou for clarifying…over to the stakers now, but just FYI, your opening post to this thread states that this report will also include updates on finance and business development.

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Thanks for pointing it out. We will include as much info as we can for your review.

Hi, when unstaking by click on Finish button, with Metatask, the Gas fee is about 0.1 ETH (~180 USD) and my 10,320 LIT(s) are worth less than that fee. So my question is whether the prompted gas fee is correct and if we can reduce the gas fee?

Is it possible for tomochain make a new claim portal for lition staking? To fix the high unstake fees by decreasing the complexity of the transaction for the ethereum network.

This wont undermine staking contracts as the whole staking portal is already undermined due to litsentbymistake. And the lit tokens are not stuck for tomochain due to contracting in the pool address, as we’ve seen lit been moving in and out the address without any staking involvement.

I am sure this is not a hard function to realize for the tomo team.

“We sincerely apologize for the delay in response. Thank you for being patient while we’re working through the transition period. A full transition and audit report with details on technology, finance, and BD will be published by the end of next week.” - Anh, last week.

→ Everything is coming or not?

Hi Frankly,
I understand there are some issues with the current design. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plan to make a new claim portal for Lition staking.

Hi all, please submit your ticket under this thread or this form: https://forms.gle/8btuZ8532Bjbg4oG9 if you are not comfortable publishing your information here. Thank you!

But you guys are going to fix the problem regarding the not received staking rewards, right? So you’ll have to rework the claim portal anyway.

It’s just a couple of minutes of extra work to figure out how much lition each address has yet a right to (amount of rewards not received and not yet claimed stakes).

If you guys don’t feel like you can do it, I can do the work for you and send a .csv file with all the rewards each address has yet to receive.

Or maybe you are not even planning to fix the problems with people not receiving their staking rewards. This would be a big issue, maybe even in legal terms.

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Hi please help on the bridge error :pray:

Thank You

Report still on track to be released today?

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