Lition Token Staking - Warning Contract Execution Error on Tfr Out- Help Needed

Hello Alex, I have been in a dialog with your support on the Telegram Staking channel for over 14-20 days. First with Mark who then passed me onto your developer “Nghia Tran” regarding a technical issue I was encountering with “finishing” a staking contract in the LITION pool and transferring it to my Meta Mask wallet. The etherscan TX hash report showed a “failed execution” due to “warning error encountered during contract execution”. Others on the telegram staking channel also documented experiencing the same issue. I also checked the staking pools on etherscan and have seen this issue appear across different pools.

I have been trying to get this issue resolved with Nghia on Telegram. The communication has been very slow and my questions and concerns are not being answered despite reaching out daily. There is still no response or resolution about this matter. Perhaps, as the poster J&J suggests in another LITION thread, the work is too much for one developer, hence the long delays. It has resulted in a very frustrating and bad experience on my part especially given that finances/assets are involved. I have provided full documentation and proof of my stake and the relevant etherscan pool contract links plus any other requests Nghia has asked me to provide.

At one point in the last 14-20 days Nghia told me that the issue had been found and solved. I then attempted to finish the staking contract and transfer the tokens over to my wallet, only to see the transaction fail with a: “warning error encountered during contract execution”. I tried twice to transfer the tokens to my Meta Mask wallet with the same “fail” and warning error encountered. I lost $290 in the process. The Gas fees to transfer out of the staking pool vary between $200-450. I communicated all this to Nghia and sent him links to the etherscan reports and mentioned that this issue was also being experienced by others.

I still have not received a response to this issue after 6 days which is why I am mentioning it here on this FORUM NOW so it can be addressed and I can get a response and resolution in a timely and professional manner.


  1. Can you address, acknowledge and fix the “failed transaction” issue described above when trying to finish a stake and transfer tokens over to a Meta Mask wallet, namely: "warning error encountered during contract execution " and communicate about it in a professional manner.

  2. Reimburse the fees for the “failed” transactions.** As mentioned, after Nghia told me he had found the issue and fixed it, I tried to finish the contract and transfer the tokens to my wallet. I tried twice. The transaction failed each time and I lost approximately $300 in the process. Gas prices to “finish” a contract vary between $300-$450.

  3. Restore Trust & Confidence:** My experience over the last 14-20 days with your Telegram support has eroded trust and confidence in Tomochain and Lition . I would have preferred to resolve this issue in the Telegram support channel and not take even more time and aggravation to post the issue here because of the unresponsiveness and lack of support in Telegram. In exchange for entrusting our financial assets in your care (on your platform) I and other stakeholders expect “a duty of care” that would be accompanied by a professional and timely communications process especially when those assets cannot be transferred and accessed. My experience of your support with respect to the issue described is one of being left in the dark.

I hope that you can quickly address, resolve and communicate about the issues I have outlined above. This would be the first step for me to restoring some trust and confidence. Thank you.


Our support will give you an answer in 48 hours. There are a lot of works going on so be patient waiting for us to work on the issue.

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Hi Briang,

We fixed the staking system. Could you try to do it again?
Let me know if you have any further issue.

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Hi Long and Alex,

Thank you for the responses. Was this fixed recently? I was told by Nghia on Feb 2nd that the staking issues were fixed but when I tried to finish the stake twice after this communication both attempts/transactions failed as I already described in detail.

These are expensive transactions, so please confirm ASAP.

Thank you.

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Can you please respond to my last question Alex or Long. I cannot attempt to finish the stake and transfer it over to MetaMask until I know the answer to my questions. Was this fixed recently? I was told by Nghia on Feb 2nd that the staking issues were fixed. I then tried twice to finish the stake but both attempts/transactions failed as I already described in detail. In other words, if nothing has changed since Feb 2nd, I don’t need to try this again. Instead, you will need to look at the issue I have described in more detail.

These are expensive transactions. I do not need to lose any more money needlessly. Please confirm asap on the above and respond on the matter of reimbursement for the failed transactions given the scenario described in my communication about this matter.

Thank you.


Could you send us the failed transaction? We are looking into the issue and need more info.
Thank you.

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Transactions provided…

Alex, can you please confirm receipt of the information I posted. Also, when do you expect this issue will be resolved? Will you be communicating with updates on this thread or via email?

Hi briang,
Thanks for your patience. The tech team said it works normally now. Can you check again and update me?

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Hi Alex, I can try but before I check, the gas fees are very high still, almost $200-$250. This does not seem right based on looking at the transaction fees across all the pools. Please advise.

I checked with Nghia and he said that the fee is correct. I assume it is due to the high price of ETH recently, unfortunately.

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Ok, thanks. I will check it again and let you know what happens/

Hi Alex, the transaction finally went through. I appreciate this getting resolved. It’s a step towards restoring some trust. Reimbursing the failed transaction fees after being told everything was fixed by Nghia would be another step. If you want to reimburse in Tomochain or Lition tokens that would be fine with me. It has been a 20-day process to get here.


Hi Alex,

Can you please respond to my prior communication sent 4 days ago re: reimbursement. I presume Tomochain wants to take responsibility for its actions as any decent company would do. If an employee of Tomochain, Nghia, in this instance tells me directly that the issue is fixed and I rely on that to go ahead and process a transaction and lose money doing so because it was actually “not fixed” it should be a simple matter of reimbursing me for this loss. There is a clear communications trail in this instance. I can send the entire Telegram dialog if you need this. Thank you.

Lition software is fully open sources and not built by TomoChain Lab. There are a lot of quirks with Lition’s software and unlike corporate softwares there are no revenues for us coming from users using softwares. All Nghia and we are doing is helping to our best extent without compensation. Hence there is no reimbursement policy. Thank you for understanding.