Lition Validators - Notary issue [Temporary being fixed]

Hi Lition community,

We would like to update you that we are investigating the notary issue and aim to fix it within this month. Rewards will be distributed right after we solve this issue.

What is the notary window?

After every n block, where n is configurable at sidechain creation, the sidechain status and statistics are recorded into Ethereum public net smart contract. This can be done by writing a report of the registered miner whose block time matches the end of the notary window. The report shall contain also previous blocks information in order to make sure that the block composing the chain has been signed by miners holding together at least 66% of the total stake.

The notary process will be enabled by a selected validator that spends some amount of ETH on the account as all active validators take their turn in sending statistics into the notary function in Lition Registry contract every 3 days. The notary window is executed successfully, the mining reward will be distributed to validators.

What happened with Lition validators regarding the notary issue?
Validator rewards have been delayed due to a technical bug in the core blockchain that did not allow validators to notarize (transfer the report including the activity of all miners and the gas usage of all users to Ethereum public chain). Since the issue is linked to the core blockchain, we need more time to dive in and find the optimal solution.

Our team is working on it and further updates will be provided as they become available. We apologize for the inconvenience and we guarantee that all rewards are accumulated and accounted for, then will be sent right after this issue is resolved.

If you have any questions/concerns, please leave them below. We will reply to you shortly.


Hi everyone,

The last notary was done 14 hours ago Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan.

Although the system seems back on the right track, we still need more time to do more follow-ups to make sure it works completely fine before making any official announcement.

More updates will be shared later. Thank you for your patience :pray:


This question might fit better in the AMA but anyway:
Since the notary issue was resolved and the contract is seemingly done, does this mean, that we’ll get the announcement regarding live energy txs soon or will you still take until the end of month for more testing and thus the announcement will be delayed until then (which would be a huge disappointment imo)?


Hello Alex, I have been in a dialog with your support on the Telegram Staking channel for over 14-20 days. First with Mark who then passed me onto your developer “Nghia Tran” regarding a technical issue I was encountering with “finishing” a staking contract in the LITION pool and transferring it to my Meta Mask wallet. The etherscan TX hash report showed a “failed execution” due to “warning error encountered during contract execution”. Others on the telegram staking channel also documented experiencing the same issue. I also checked the staking pools on etherscan and have seen this issue appear across different pools. I posted this issue on this FORUM and have yet to get a response. I thought I would post the issue here as well in case it is related to the “notary issue”, the subject of this thread. Either way, can you please communicate regarding this issue.

I have been trying to get this issue resolved with Nghia on Telegram. The communication has been very slow and my questions and concerns are not being answered despite reaching out daily. There is still no response or resolution about this matter. Perhaps, as the poster J&J suggest, the work is too much for one developer, hence the long delays. It has resulted in a frustrating and bad experience on my part especially given that finances/assets are involved. I have provided full documentation and proof of my stake and the relevant etherscan pool contract links plus any other requests Nghia has asked me to provide.

At one point in the last 14-20 days, Nghia told me that the issue had been found and solved. I then attempted to finish the staking contract and transfer the tokens over to my wallet, only to see the transaction fail with a: “warning error encountered during contract execution”. I tried twice to transfer the tokens to my Meta Mask wallet with the same “fail” and warning error encountered. I lost $290 in the process. The Gas fees to transfer out of the staking pool vary between $200-450. I communicated all this to Nghia and sent him links to the etherscan reports and mentioned that this issue was also being experienced by others.

I still have not received a response to this issue after 6 days which is why I am mentioning it here on this FORUM NOW so it can be addressed and I can get a response and resolution in a timely and professional manner.


  1. Can you address, acknowledge and fix the “failed transaction” issue described above when trying to finish a stake and transfer tokens over to a Meta Mask wallet, namely: "warning error encountered during contract execution " and communicate about it in a professional manner.

  2. Reimburse the fees for the “failed” transactions.** As mentioned, after Nghia told me he had found the issue and fixed it, I tried to finish the contract and transfer the tokens to my wallet. I tried twice. The transaction failed each time and I lost approximately $300 in the process.

  3. Restore Trust & Confidence:** My experience over the last 14-20 days with your Telegram support has eroded trust and confidence in Tomochain and Lition . I would have preferred to resolve this issue in the Telegram support channel and not take even more time and aggravation to post the issue here because of the unresponsiveness and lack of support in Telegram. In exchange for entrusting our financial assets in your care (on your platform) I and other stakeholders expect “a duty of care” that would be accompanied by a professional and timely communications process especially when those assets cannot be transferred and accessed. My experience of your support with respect to the issue described is one of being left in the dark.

I hope that you can quickly address, resolve and communicate about the issues I have outlined above. This would be a first step to restoring some trust and confidence. Thank you.

Hi there,

I just answered you under the other thread. The staking site is working now. You can try it again.

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Hi Alex, I sent you a note on the other thread but am still waiting for a reply. Here is the question:

Hi Long and Alex,

Thank you for the responses. Was this fixed recently? I was told by Nghia on Feb 2nd that the staking issues were fixed but when I tried to finish the stake twice after this communication both attempts/transactions failed as I already described in detail.

These are expensive transactions, so please confirm as I do not want to lose more money on another failed transaction needlessly. Thank you.

I would also appreciate a response on the reimbursement question as well