TomoChain March Monthly Recap 2021

March marks the last month of Q1 with more updates on TomoChain’s development and innovative features added on LuaSwap. TomoChain team is ramping up productivity and powering into Q2.

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  1. TomoChain is thrilled to be partnering up with Big Data Protocol, paving the way for TOMOE to be included in the 12 seed pools among some of the industry-leading projects to be farming the BDP token on its upcoming DeFi Data Marketplace. TOMOE staking has been open since 4 March 2021.

  2. TomoChain blockchain reaches more mainstream users as we shake hands with Urbox, jumping into the consumer market through the launch of TomoBox - a new digital rewards and loyalty platform. Via this app, $TOMO users can access a diversified and convenient gift-redemption system with a wide range of promotions from hundreds of different merchants in Vietnam.

  3. Ms. Le Ho, TomoChain Lab’s Co-Founder & CFO, was featured in Beincrypto’s interview alongside many other gorgeous women in the Vietnamese blockchain industry. Women in crypto break the prejudice that blockchain is a space only for men, proving that this field is not about gender, but about passion and energy.

  4. The swapping fee of $TOMO, $USDT, ETH and $LUA have been updated. We’ve subsidized most of the actual swap fee since the launch of TomoBridge, despite the ever-increasing Ethereum gas fee, keeping the increase to a minimum.

  5. TomoChain Lab presents TomoBridge Fund Recovery Support and Terms with detailed support on specific cases. It’s advised that everyone should take care of their own financial assets in DeFi as TOMO is not responsible for any losses due to whatever reason.

  6. TomoChain community now can deposit and trade all three of $TOMO siblings: $TOMO native - $TOMOB - $TOMOE on Binance!

  7. TomoChain continues to support users to swap ERC20 TOMO on IDEX to native TOMO by offering two options. Make sure you follow up with the rules and timeline for both options.


  1. LuaSafe on the TomoChain network is officially live. Enjoy earning some more LUA with nearly zero-fee transactions and instant speed on the TomoChain network. Make sure your Metamask wallet is connected to TomoChain mainnet.

  2. TomoChain Cheat Sheet series continues with the topic of LuaSwap. While the first chapter provides a complete overview of LuaSwap for beginners using the most fundamental information, the second one eases farmers into the farming life on LuaSwap.

  3. On March 5th, LuaSwap’s Marketing Manager, Ha Hoang, joined an AMA with Venus Queen to share about LuaSwap and its profitable incentives. Thanks Venus community for welcoming us and showing your enthusiasm towards our growing project!

  4. The success of Convo with $TOMO #1 was shortly followed by episode 2 with LuaSwap’s presentation. If you’re not well-versed in farming the best crops, Convo with $TOMO #2 will help you know more about $LUA’s tokenomics and future development plan.

  5. LuaSwap got featured on different tracking websites over the course of March including CoinMarketCap and Dapp Birds, providing users with more options to access the current and historic data of $LUA.

  6. LuaSwap has recently been integrated into imToken Crypto Wallet, giving users browser access to its DeFi products. To explore LuaSwap, simply add TomoChain to your networks in the Chainlist DApp.

  7. $LUA’s total trading volume on exchanges has surpassed $3 million during the past week! Another motivation to keep building!


  1. Due to various reasons, TomoChain Lab regrets informing the community that we have decided to cease our support for the Lition Blockchain project. Please refer to this link for more information regarding the transition report.
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