Update on IDEX support program

Dear TomoChain community,

We would like to update you on the latest decision regarding the IDEX support program.

Before TomoChain launched its mainnet, it has been recommended that the buyer shall have an Ethereum Wallet where the buyer has full control over the private key to it since the token distribution might be carried out using specially deployed smart contracts. The use of any exchange wallets to receive purchased tokens may lead to the loss of all tokens.

Following TomoChain’s mainnet launch in December, 2018, we used a contract to map TOMO native 1-1 with TOMO ERC-20 and all the Ethereum’s TOMO ERC20 addresses received a corresponding 1-1 TOMO native token on TomoChain public chain using the same addresses automatically. You can hold your unique account indefinitely and never lose your coins in this case.

In the case of IDEX, the exchange holds all TOMO ERC-20 in one mother wallet, and we are not fully certain of IDEX’s technology & security to determine which sub wallet holds which token and how much. TomoChain team decided to withhold the IDEX native TOMO and support a manual conversion for IDEX users for the last two years 2019, 2020. The submission was closed in January 2021 and we sought legal advice on how to continue in this case.

Following our recent legal counsel’s guidance, we will continue with this plan to support users.

Legacy IDEX users have 2 options:

  1. Seeking support from IDEX team:

A portion of remaining TOMO native balance was sent to the IDEX’s address that holds TOMO ERC-20 at 0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208. TomoChain Lab has no control over the address 0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208, and IDEX may have the private key to this address. The transaction here Transaction 0x3f1114af49316bdab919301969f801a5627ecd4d5ac21988221c772cffc0a9c8 Info IDEX users can contact IDEX for further support.

TomoChain is willing to coordinate with the IDEX team to support TOMO ERC20 holders and will send more TOMO (native) to the above IDEX address once the initial fund runs out.

  1. Seeking support from the TomoChain Lab team:

The remaining 500K of TOMO is in TomoChain Lab’s custody. We will provide support for conversion on a monthly basis indefinitely, and charge 5% of the proceeds (minimum of 100 TOMO) for the processing, custody and transaction fees. We will continue our support and collaborate with IDEX until all the remaining TOMO native funds run out.
Fill in the form: TomoChain Swap Support for whom left TOMO ERC20 on IDEX

TomoChain Lab provides technology and infrastructures to the TomoChain public chain and its ecosystem. Our mission is to build TomoChain public chain as an essential part of the Financial Internet.


IDEX is a smart contract so it’s code is publicly accessible. The balance function is common to almost all smart contracts, without it, UI’s cannot query the balance of individual wallets. This function exists in the TOMO token contract and the TOMOE token contract, so if you are claiming to not know how it works - that doesn’t feel honest.

Regardless of that, I have some questions…

Why did you send TOMO native to the IDEX address? What purpose does this serve?

Why do users whose funds are held on IDEX need to work with the IDEX team when ownership can be verified as long as the controlling ETH address can be verified?

Edit: I wanted to add that if TOMO ERC20 was not locked users would still be able to remove their funds from IDEX

If we use the original contract to map native TOMO to Existing ERC20 based on the snapshot announced earlier , native Tomo will end up there. It was completed based on the stipulation on the term of sale that will be done for native TOMO conversion. Exchange users customarily resort to the exchange for helps.

You may be right about what you said but we don’t know IDEX.

my coins remained locked on the exchange idex. 0x4b68F5a2CA164e829465e9D983240c9ffF7F778e their tech support responded to ask you. I don’t know what to do? I filled out all the forms, like, but didn’t get my coins, but they remained blocked. mshzolotarev@gmail.com 0x6A29221d3918efDe8772C501E66C3af5F74916f7 my wallet

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Hi there, please fill in the form https://goo.gl/forms/FnjVSUZ1hgSWWZZE3 and we will support your case on 4-7th next month (on working days). We will send you the confirmation email when we’re done sending the transaction.

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Well thanks for hearing me out. If you want to verify for yourself go to the smart contract:

Use the balanceOf function:
Token address: 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc (tomo ERC20)
Wallet address: 0x6A29221d3918efDe8772C501E66C3af5F74916f7 (example)

Press Query.

This is a nice thing about smart contracts on a public blockchain.

i contacted IDEX support team below is there response.

{no we do not take part in swaps nor can they put funds into our “mother wallet” that is a contract address which funds can’t be recovered from if they have sent them there. contact TOMO we do not take part in swaps nor do we have any TOMO to give out to customers.0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208 this is a contract address not a wallet they should know that and anything sent here directly would be unrecoverable.}

As a Tomo holder and IDEX exchange member i expect both the team should coordinate with each other and find a solution in this matter for the benefit of their users.

In second option from Tomochain lab team condition of minimum of 100 TOMO for the processing, custody and transaction fees is very unfair for small token holder and must rethink on it.

Can anybody reply me.

Hi Amit,

Please fill in the form TomoChain Swap Support for whom left TOMO ERC20 on IDEX and we will proceed with the TOMO native transactions by next month, within 4th-7th.

This new policy applies to everyone, please understand. Thank you!