What To Do With Stucked IDEX Tomo Coins

Edit3: Hey fudders. Here is new IDEX plan: Update on IDEX support program

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Hi fam.

As you know team stopped Idex support after 2 years and unsaved tomo coins are now in team’s control.

I want to start a campaign to force team using it for marketing and exchange listing. I am sure they will care our demands.

My Suggestions:

  • Use %60 of it get listed on 2 major exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi or Okex.

  • Use %40 of it for hackathons. We need more dapps!


Please share your idea with team here.


Listing okex, huobi, coinbase thanks

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We must first get rid of the pressure of Binance. A second major exchange would be very hepful to tomo. I think this coins should use onl istings and marketing. Please hear the community.


Tomo needs to get rid of his binance bots. Being listed on a major new exchange is the most effective solution to reach a new community.

All money must be used to be listed on new exchanges.

To increase the volume of the tomo with the remaining money, a trading competition must be organized.


Considering 25k of those tomocoins are mine from idex v1 preswap, and considering that I am dying of liver failure (which greatly impedes my memory and mental ability), I would like those coins returned to me so that I can use them to extend my life. All of this is provably verifiable and shame on tomo for refusing to work with me on this.

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@JustinYan @LongVuong anything the devs or admins could do to contact above person separately? Seeing the content shared, things like this should be a private discussion on a case by case basis.

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they deleted my post, which will not look good because I made sure to archive it here 25k of the idex v1 coins are mine. I am dying of liver failure. I would like them back - General Discussion - TomoChain as well as screen shot it

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We are sympathetic to your issue if that’s indeed the case (We will help if we can even if it is not token related). Justin and Alex will contact to investigate your case.


glad to hear it, thank you

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when can i expect to hear from someone?

That’s my reddit thread in the first post. I posted it after trying to open a dialogue with the tomo team and being banned in response. If you look through my post history, you’ll find this trapsandwich comments on [Weekly thread] Do you have a personal question about blood tests or health disorders? It goes only here. which has my blood work from when I first found out my liver had failed. It had already been failing for quite some time, I just never bothered to see a doctor because i should be healthy. On the second page you’ll see the bolded liver values AST and ALT. Here is a brief explainer on these values: Liver Blood Tests: High, Low & Normal Results, Symptoms & Causes Higher is bad. My ALT values are 10x+ higher than that highest acceptable normal range, and several hundred times higher than the lowest. This indicates severe liver damage. I had been seeing medical professional for confusion and brainfog for years and none of them thought to check if this was the cause. One of the unfortunate effects of liver failure is mental degradation. Since my liver can no longer clean the toxins out of my blood, they build up in my brain and cause a host of issues including memory loss, confusion, brainfog, personality change, and more. This explains my inability to remember important dates or events, or even where I stored my own wallets.

Because of the severity of my liver damage and the duration for which it went undetected, time is my most finite resource. If you were sympathetic to my case, then I think you could appreciate the urgency of coming to a quick amicable resolution. But I have not been contacted by anyone. You treat me as if I am trying to take something from you when it fact, I am merely asking for what is and has always been mine to be returned to me. The wallet, the coins that were in it and the idex contract are all easily verifiable. This can end here and now without having to spread any further. I can only imagine that you’ve put quite a bit of effort into building Tomo and developing the community and building trust within that probably isn’t easy. What I can’t imagine is why you would risk throwing all of that away just to keep a small amount of coins from an extremely ill, dying, early supporter because of some arbitrary date you set.

I don’t have the luxury of patience and I feel like 2 days is more than enough time to contact me if you were sympathetic and willing to resolve this in a quick and reasonable manner. @Alex @JustinYan

Hi there,

We will soon get back to you on this. Thank you.

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i don’t believe you. i fell for that once already. my life expectancy isn’t measure in years, its measured in months, weeks, days. I already waited 2 days for something that should take 10 minutes.

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Return the tokens to the guy. You’re slowing things down by getting a lawyer involved. Just give him the money

Hi everyone,

I want to respond two the two threads on Reddit that are attacking TomoChain baselessly.

The OP and his friends appeared on our telegram chat and forum on Friday presenting two stories about his lost TOMO; the first one is about the fact that he is dying of liver failure as described in the post shown in Reddit; and the second one is about his friend died and he helps his family. (picture attached)

his friend passed away

  1. We got to be careful given the conflicting stories. I would be glad if my suspicion were false, but I have seen many frauds that feed on human compassion. So far he did not yet show any evidences that he own TOMO or own any wallet that has TOMO anywhere. He should do that immediately before continuing with his stories. We also want to know the real story.

  2. About the TOMO native swap this is a short version: if you have your private key, TomoChain swap is an automatically deployed contract to map TOMO native 1-1 with TOMO ERC-20. You can hold your account forever in this case. For the longer version you can read what one of our community member writing here https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/lq8sie/tomochain_stole_over_55k_usd_worth_of_tomo_from/gogqnf6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  3. The OP is threatening our team in forum and social media over the weekend, therefore we decided to take an extra caution to seek legal counsel before proceeding with his case. Today is Monday, and we will respond to his case given the evidences he shall provide in the next 1-2 days.


1.I don;t know anything about anyone from telegram. I dont know who that is. You banned me from telegram for asking about getting my coins returned. Almost instantly.

  1. I’ve presented my proof. I’m not lying. I cannot control what people on reddit and twitter do in response to learning of the situation. This to me looks like you are creating this information to justify your lack of action… I am NOT the op, I do not know who that person is. if you’ll take a second and remember, you deleted the thread I created.

  2. You had every opportunity to respond to me in a timely manner. I messaged you personally, multiple times. I messaged your admins personally multiple times. No one responded to me. Not a single response STILL. I have still yet to receive a single response. All you had to do was respond to me to keep me from posting this on reddit, but since you did not, you left me no choice.

  3. WHO AM I THREATENING? Please show me where i am threatening ANYONE. I am VERY VERY SICK. I would like MY coins back. They are MY coins. They are provably linked to MY wallet through the idex v1 contract. WHY didnt you just look at all of the wallets in the idex contract that had tomo coins and return the coins to their wallets? then you avoid this mess. You are threatening me and trying to intimidate me so you can keep MY coins. IT will NOT work.

@LongVuong @Alex @JustinYan

Here are the things you need to do now before we can continue:

  • Provide evidences of owning the wallet that owns TOMO-ERC20.
  • Provide KYC information (passport and proof of residence)

You can do that by PM us and we will update IMMEDIATELY when we receive your information. You can also update to social media that you already proved you own the wallet when you are done. Then we can continue.

This picture shows you how TOMO ERC20 looks like on IDEX. Every TOMO stays in 1 wallet, and we have no way to know which IDEX sub-account own TOMO and how much. You need to show you indeed own an IDEX sub-account that have TOMO. We don’t have that information now.

We will delete all irrelevant information in this this thread until we received the required documentation from the complainer.

how do you want me to provide proof of ownership of the wallet? PM give me an ethereum address to send a small transaction to.

I do not have a passport. I am an american citizen. I can provide a picture of my drivers license and a utility bill, is that acceptable? Did all other idex tokens applicants have to submit the same KYC requirements?

I have PMed you.

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I replied. Will lock the thread until we receive evidences and KYC information.

Updated: I received his information, and we will update our general policies toward IDEX-TOMO users by the end of today based on our legal counsel.

Updated: We updated general IDEX coin policies Update on IDEX support program

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