Unstaking Enabled for All LPS Stakers

Hello everyone,

I’d like to give you some updates regarding the unstaking support program and the swap program. Listening to the Lition community, TomoChain team updated the rule for all LPS stakers so your missing rewards will be accounted for the future amount of claimable TOMO tokens.

*Note: For those who haven’t received enough rewards after unstaking was enabled , the “snapshot balance” will be the balance at the time of the snapshot + the reward amount that is sent back. Please fill up the support form as soon as possible. This form will close at 3 am UTC Monday, Apr 20th, 2021. After 3 am UTC Apr 20th, 2021, we will close this unstaking support form and discontinue the support until any community-driven committees or reputed entities would like to take over, we are willing to transfer the operation of the Lition Blockchain project including the unstaking support program.

Full article here: The Exclusive LIT — TOMO Swap Program | by BerlinLit | Lition Blockchain | Mar, 2021 | Medium

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