Did I lose TFI? Please help me if there is a way to recover


I logged into the web version of TomoWallet using Metamask. And as a test, I deposited 0.1 TFI into my MEXC wallet.
TXID 0x4d472fcb8842a29ebeb93320681ecf634e12d3f082343597380731858c6a13c5
MEXC WalletAdress 0x59021fc05e13b146cab626055ab098c8eef0ebbe

The 0.1 TFI was deposited without any problem and was reflected in MEXC. Next, I deposited 247.9TFI using the exact same procedure, but it is not reflected.
TXID 0xeabf7ee14e74af8d76879ea1631106fd41a29d24e5e932b449cb919b78570e58

Looking at my MEXC wallet address, it looks like my deposit is 248TFI being transferred somewhere.

Currently, when I log in to MEXC, it reflects a deposit of only 0.1 TFI.
Please help me if there is a way to recover 247.9TFI which is not reflected in the deposit.

Am I not explaining myself well enough?
Can someone explain the current situation?

248TFI is less than $40 in current value, so it’s a small amount, but I think it’s a bug.

If it is a bug, it should be fixed before it becomes a bigger problem, and if it is my mistake, I would like to know what I did wrong.