My tokens lost:exchange said we have’nt tomoscan accessibilty

About 1 week ago, I transferred 954 TOMO from my trust wallet to the bingx exchange with the address provided by the exchange (they didn’t even mention that this address is from the ethereum network and not the tomo network) unfortunately, the exchange does not can restore the sent tomo, and in response to my emails, he only says: “Wait until the Tomo network provides us with the Tomoscan service” and that it is not possible to revive and restore the transferred tomo.
My capital/property will be lost and I will have a heavy loss
I kindly request you to provide this service to this exchange for the safety and satisfaction of the users and owners of Tomo Coins in order to avoid heavy losses

Please help me



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Your transfer looks like completed: TomoScan - TomoChain Block Explorer

They just need to use/open their wallet on TomoChain Network and send back your $TOMO.

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thanks for your answer
The behavior of exchanges is unfair and unethical and even though I emailed more than 15 times to deliver the deposit slip according to the address they announced and your message, they said the transaction was done correctly and successfully, but still They refused to do it. this Presentation
This is all my property and guide me to get my coins
I have even said that the address on ethereum and tomo is the same and now the wallet sees that I will lose with the delay it causes and my capital will be destroyed

“you can check from the page that to deposit tomo,only ERC20 chain is supported. Please contact us to find it back when tomoscan is supported on our platform. Thanks for your understanding”
“Sorry, yes, you need to wait until tomoscan is supported on our platform”
and in the last answer said that " We do not currently support the recharge of retrieving this chain. At the same time, there are also reminders on the recharge page. Please make sure to use the same transfer network on the withdrawal platform"
Txid: 0x04d8a636b7ff65a44ebdd58a26f5ab1a493ba5e67db0207efea13b70551d9542

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Sorry to hear that. TomoChain can’t do anything. Maybe you can threaten to sue them.

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