"Error: Returned error: replacement transaction underpriced"

I have my token TRC-21 with tomochain . i have with issue “Error: Returned error: replacement transaction underpriced”

Somebody help me please!

Hi @kibi01
An admin told me about your problem. I think you need to deposit TOMO as fee for your token

Click “Deposit more”

Write the number of TOMO you want to deposit, it should be smaller than your balance

i have 45 tomo in balance. i deposit 40 tomo. But i have with error nonce to low. How much is the minimum deposit?

There is no minimum. I recommended using Metamask. Make sure you are using the correct TomoChain network. If you still have issues, try resetting the metamask account(Settings → Advanced → Reset account) and try again.

Hi Tomo team.
I have issue with transaction in system.

10 transaction , 7 - 8 success , 1 - 2 fail .
Can you tell me fix it? .