Help! Tomo stuck in metamask

Hi, recently used uniswap for usdc for tomo swap. I did not set up the custom RPC so it sent them to ERC-20 mainnet metamask wallet. I tried login in to my tomo wallet using my private key thinking that would locate them that did not work. I also noticed my tomo wallet receiving address is the same as my ETH public address, how can that be right? I need some help.

Using uniswap means you are swapping tomo erc20 tokens.

If you want to swap them to tomo native, you have to use a bridge.

Choose the first option on the web and read carefully.

Either way, you can deposit to ftx exchange, an exchange that supports tomo erc20 token.

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Thanks so much, that was very easy. It always seems that way when you get a solution to a problem. It kinda make you feel like a donkey!! Lets go TOMO!!!
Thanks again!!