How leverage growth with the PayPal situation

Just had a thought about this and wanted to throw this quickly in here. As we all know PayPal will enable its customers to purchase Bitcoin & Ethereum directly via its platform and its gaining traction. This might lead to another run and more people joining the space again. PayPal could be seen as a “gateway drug” to the industry.

My suggestion is that the team actively tries to position itself on all relevant touchpoints for people who want to get into the industry / get to know the space. For me there are pretty much two categories of people who will join:

  1. People who just quickly want to buy other alts and speculate a bit
  2. People who want to know the industry and hunt gems

Analyze where people go first. Be present on the touchpoints (YouTube, reddit, udemy) for each category with relevant content. We might see an uprise of influencers again. Get in touch with influencers who have (had) a community with a high engagement rate (this does not include likes from bot farms on twitter). This opportunity is big and should already be intensively worked on in my opinion (maybe it already is).

I know the team is doing good with content for our existing community but we need to grow our community numbers overall. A bigger community means more reach and more ambassadors. There would be also no harm in letting the LIT community know a bit more about Tomo. They received answers about the acquisition but you should actually educate them additionally about the whole Tomo ecosystem. That’s just a low fruit hanging around there for community growth.

This pretty much sums up all relevant touchpoints where people get in touch first with cryptocurrencies.

I would weigh in costs + outcome (measured in potential community growth) for each of them. F.e. another mention on altcoinbuzz is gonna cost us x (time) + y(budget) and we get z community members for this. Make a formula out of this one and then you have a number which you can compare for each touchpoint. How does this compare to being involved with somebody who is offering courses once the bull run starts? This is what’s important. The analysis for this could be done for different markets (global, asia, usa, india etc.).

There might be another metric that matters besides community growth in # but actually I think this matters far more than f.e. simple reach. If you go on the same touchpoints again and again you probably have a reach of 100k users each time but no actual community growth. Same for a lot of content marketing that is already done and which is really good (newsletters, youtube videos), but community growth is not a big factor here.

For me community growth leads to everything else you need. Bigger community -> more awareness in the industry -> higher price -> higher overall awareness and other platforms / institutions / news outlets/ users are looking into you.