Q&A with Lition

I do like the idea of having loyal users / a loyal community who help with awareness, provide liquidity, and use products such as LuaSwap. In my opinion, the community is something that has been heavily overlooked in the last couple of months, for Tomo as well as for Lition.

With the Lition acquisition, not just the company itself was purchased, you also purchased quite an active community. For me, it was very tough to see how the community was left behind a bit besides the AMA and the announcement mid January. This was a perfect opportunity to get in touch with an active community, feed them with useful information and get them interested into TomoChain and its other products. I actually thought the whole time that you must be working on something really huge in the background for Lition and release this news once enough liquidity is provided on LuaSwap. IMO this would have been a perfect strategy since Lition is not listed on big exchanges and its traders are troubled with ETH fees on uniswap.

For me community is the key to success. I wrote this article 3 months ago (shortly after the acquisition) where I expressed how important community for growth is: How leverage growth with the PayPal situation

I am not asking anything particular for the LIT Q&A in this thread. I am just asking you to consider what I have said in my previous post again and give both communities the attention they deserve while investing in community growth. Please don’t take this as an offense, it’s just a suggestion from my side.